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Printing Industry Exchange ( is pleased to have Steven Waxman writing and managing the Printing Industry Blog. As a printing consultant, Steven teaches corporations how to save money buying printing, brokers printing services, and teaches prepress techniques. Steven has been in the printing industry for thirty-three years working as a writer, editor, print buyer, photographer, graphic designer, art director, and production manager.

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The Printing Industry Exchange (PIE) staff are experienced individuals within the printing industry that are dedicated to helping and maintaining a high standard of ethics in this business. We are a privately owned company with principals in the business having a combined total of 103 years experience in the printing industry.

PIE's staff is here to help the print buyer find competitive pricing and the right printer to do their job, and also to help the printing companies increase their revenues by providing numerous leads they can quote on and potentially get new business.

This is a free service to the print buyer. All you do is find the appropriate bid request form, fill it out, and it is emailed out to the printing companies who do that type of printing work. The printers best qualified to do your job, will email you pricing and if you decide to print your job through one of these print vendors, you contact them directly.

We have kept the PIE system simple -- we get a monthly fee from the commercial printers who belong to our service. Once the bid request is submitted, all interactions are between the print buyers and the printers.

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04 Know Top Benefits Of Flyer Printing Services You Were Not Aware of

Friday, July 9th, 2021

One of the many benefits that you may not know about flyer printing services is how they can help promote and advertise your business. Flyers are cheap to produce, meaning this might be an inexpensive way for a small-business owner just starting out their company to get started on marketing without going into debt.

Printing flyers is an effective way to promote your business. With the advent of print on demand technology, you can create personalised flyers at a fraction of what it used to cost. Flyers are a great way to combine creativity with marketing. Flyers can range from being informative and straight-forward, or they may be more on the creative side of things. Regardless of what type you opt for, one thing is certain: flyers will help your business make an impact in its community.

Benefits of hiring professional printing services for your business

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Sure, you can print a few pages all by yourself, even edit them if needed, but can you assure of printing a thousand copies and editing them every day? Well, this is precisely why you need custom printing services online. Choosing a professional to do what they love to do is the best way to get everything done quickly without creating hurdles for anyone. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons for you to change your mind.

1.  They provide you with high-quality work

Printing similar pages multiple times might finish all the ink in your office printer, but a professional will have it all sorted because they always print in bulk. They will never fail you in terms of quality. They will make sure that you get similar quality on every page. This quality work requires a regular change of ink, which can be a messy task for an office worker. Hiring a professional is what you can do best to avoid a situation like this.

2.  They have the resources to manage huge assignments as well.

Well, a professional printing service provider will always have all the types of equipment required for printing. If they work on a large scale, they will have huge machines to print banners and posters you see while travelling from a highway. They are also capable of taking work in bulk so, if you require 1000 pages of a document on everyone’s desk each day, custom printing online will provide you with the benefit of having those right in the morning.

3.  They are faster than you know

An agency will have a handful of workers working under each category, so if you think you are alone enough to print pages, print journals and other things just in time, then you are wrong. In addition, handing it over to a printing service will make your work a lot more clean and more manageable.

Even the machines used by the agency can take bulk work and deliver faster service while your office printer won’t be able to work 2 hours a day on a non-stop basis.

4.  They charge a moderate fee everyone can afford

Buying papers, ink and maintenance of the printer along with the one-time investment of buying a printer for you will be expensive than just handling the tender to an online service provider. But they will deliver your work in time, won’t take an off and make sure to deliver the same quality every day. They will also help you save money on a graphic designer. So, if you want to get customized designs on those sheets every day, they will help you achieve it in minimal time.

With all the reasons listed above, we hope you are pretty much convinced why you need to leave this work to a professional. Before you choose to opt for custom printing online, check the company’s reviews and take suggestions from people who might know about it. There is no point trusting someone blindly and being in trouble later, right?

Five Reasons Why Printing Companies Are Important to Businesses

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Nearly a trillion dollars are used to fund the global printing industry each year. This is fairly impressive for an industry whose growth is mainly marked by printing labels and packaging. In fact, the printing industry is estimated to be eight times larger than the video game industry and also rivals the massively influential auto industry.

The rapid growth of the printing industry can be contributed to a lot of things. One of the main reasons is the importance of the printing industry in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. Many custom printing companies are known to help big and small businesses along the way.

Why Printing Companies Are Important to Businesses?

If you are still wondering how custom printing companies are helping businesses, there are five reasons to help you understand better.


The printing industry enables a lot of advertisement materials like posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and billboard advertisements to come to life. These are some of the requirements of the business. They are also impressive tools to attract and engage customers and potential clients. Many proofs show that printed ads garner more traction than digital ads. Studies also show that people find printed ads to be less annoying than digital ones. They are also more effective as there are more chances of visibility and to make a sale with printed ads rather than digital ones.


Be it printed pamphlets and flyers or a big billboard ad, opting for a physical means makes the issue more tangible. It helps you get your business to life and paints a serious and no-nonsense picture of your brand. You would also be able to deliver the messages to your customers, clients, and audience in a better and more creative way. In simpler words, high-quality printing establishes your brands and helps your business get more visibility from the common folks. The more people see them, the more will they become engaged, helping you garner profits and visibility.


When you use a high-quality business card or a flyer to advertise your company, it adds a certain level of credibility to your business, as human beings are very visual creatures. They take note of the prints, and the colors. They would notice whether your product has high-quality print and good content. If you can pass at both of them, your business will be more likely to gain exposure and visibility. It will help you get noticed by your customers and potential clients.


The world is becoming more technologically advanced. However, printed products still have more lasting effects than digital ones. This is because, in the case of digital products, people just spend some time on one page and then lose interest and browse something else. In the case of physical prints, they would take some time to read them and might get more enthralled and interested.


Online advertisements are considered to be more annoying than physical ones. Therefore, more people would be interested to read a printed ad than a digital one. They are better portion tools and can be used to increase customer acknowledgment and sales.

Final Take

The printing industry is flourishing at a very fast rate. Therefore, there are many custom printing companies ready to help you get the best products possible.

4 Benefits to Consider About Online Document Printing Services

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Printing services have been in the market for several years, even after facing several ups and downs, it is still prevalent among businesses. No marketing campaign is counted as completed without having a printing service provider onboard. The planning and designing stage is crucial for the marketing campaigns but the printing services are what ensures the quality of your final output. There are various online document printing services available these days but it is your responsibility to select a reliable and reputed service provider that understands your needs and requirements properly.

Generally, materials like flyers, brochures, posters are considered the only marketing material that businesses prefer. But it is not true. There is a wide range of marketing materials that businesses publish to communicate with readers and develop potential clients. Every material has different requirements when it comes to printing services. It is not the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure perfect quality print as the printing service provider plays a major role in maintaining the standard of the marketing material. Let us now further discuss what advantages do businesses gain from online printing services:


Online document printing services are highly convenient. You just need a computer or any other smart device and can easily contact or communicate with a printing service provider. The hassle of running from one place to another to find a suitable printing service is not there anymore. After finding your printing service provider online, you can check out their samples and designs to brief them about your plan.

Finest Quality

Online printing services never scrimp on the quality. They are equipped with the latest technologies and tools that ensure every marketing material achieves the highest standard of quality.

Product for Every Need

One thing to be sure about is that you will never run out of options or services at online printing services. Online printing service providers have an array of options available at their desks that will fit every need of yours. Poster, brochure, flyer, banner, etc., all you need is to order a product, they have all kinds of paper, sizes, inks, and materials.

Best Customer Services

Online printing companies are known for the best customer service. Right from the ordering procedure, they are truly transparent and try to be 24/7 accessible to the business concern through phone or e-mail. Service inquiries or complaints are well-received even after the job is done, in case there is an error.

Timely Delivery of Product

Deadlines are very important for every business. The products need to be delivered on time as any delay in the delivery would directly affect the marketing campaign. Many online printing services offer tracking details so that customers can easily track their orders. It takes away the stress of delay in delivery and makes it easy to solve any issue regarding the delivery status of the order.

Several elements make a marketing campaign a success, printing quality of the material is one of them. Selecting the best and the most reliable printing service provider will result in the best quality printed materials.

How Newsletter Printing Helps Companies

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Newsletters are responsible for employees being able to connect with the management of an organization. While this is on the internal front, there are other newsletters that help companies connect with their customers, as well as boost sales by establishing trust and credibility in the market. Therefore, newsletter printing is considered very important for the marketing success of any company.

Printing companies can be contacted online these days. Although the printing solution is physical, business and print companies can touch base online. The order for newsletter printing can be placed in bulk, which would entitle the client to a bulk discount. However, the commonly used way to get prints is a little different from what it sounds like.

Obtaining Newsletter Prints

Printing companies have their own specializations, and it makes great sense to contact one that specializes in printing newsletters. For this purpose, print coordinator companies can be found on the Internet. They are the ones acting as the mediators between the clients and the printing companies. They ensure that clients do not have to spend much time searching for print companies. Clients are able to find the best printing companies as per their newsletter requirements by contacting the coordinators. Some of the print companies may be able to design newsletters as well.

Top Benefits of Customer Newsletters

Existing customer relationships are always easier to strengthen than to make new relationships. Current customers already bestow a certain degree of trust, and a newsletter further helps to boost this relationship. The benefits of newsletters for customers are as follows:

  1. No Selling Necessary- The aim of the newsletter is to only update its customers about recent happenings in a client company and the related industry. It reinforces the client company’s credibility and allows its developments to remain fresh in customer minds. Promotion does take place, but in a very subtle manner. In comparison, a brochure is meant for flashy promotions. Interesting content is the basis for attracting customers.
  2. Easy to Design– A newsletter is always viewed more than a publication, and is thereby seen with fewer design elements. Concise pieces of information are conveyed here, and so the content is very easy to put down. For instance, it is possible to put down short profiles of employees, executives, projects, customers, and also industry developments.
  3. Print is Permanent- Though newsletters are commonly send by emails these days, there are many companies which believe the printed word more, and look for printed copies. A printed copy is also easily visible, and it’s easy to understand, unlike a cluttered screen. Being in printed form, it is also not discarded easily.
  4. Short- There is no need for a newsletter to be lengthy; instead, it can just be distributed at regular intervals

Finding the Right Type of Paper

Different types of paper are available for various types of printed matter. Coated paper would be ideal for newsletters, as it is slightly heavy as well. In comparison, gloss paper would be best suited for luxurious lifestyle products in beauty or fashion. Uncoated paper is ideal for educational matter.

Why You Should Outsource Online Flyer Printing

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

Flyers are small but good looking printed materials that are very useful in printing businesses. Although they can be printed online, they are used on a physical basis. Handing these over to newspaper and magazine vendors is extremely helpful in carrying out marketing promotions. There are many companies which can carry out online flyer printing in bulk, and their contacts are available online. However, to be able to get through to a wide variety of companies, it would be suitable to look for a reliable print coordinator first, who can make the necessary links.

How Does The Print Coordinator Work?

The Print Coordinator has a specific network for all the online flyer printing companies present in different parts of the world. Print Buyers do not have to pay them for searches, as the member companies already pay them. These printing services are part of win-win propositions for all since Print Buyers get good quality work done at reasonable rates and print companies receive repeat business. Since printing is an integral part of several businesses, many of them are able to provide print designs as well.

There are very few companies that will provide only flyer printing services. In addition to these, they will have solutions for printing cards, posters, and more. Clients need to check the profiles of different companies before choosing one, but the best bet would be to check the coordinator’s suggestions and choose accordingly. Most often than not, a balance between price, quality and service is very important.

Using Flyers

Flyers can be beautifully printed and used for the following purposes:

  • Showcasing new price lists
  • Product sheet preparation
  • Preparing marketing collaterals
  • Printing different kinds of data sheets
  • Providing handouts at trade shows
  • Giving home descriptions to clients
  • Latest car schemes
  • Preparation of Media Kits
  • Printing new takeaway restaurant menus for localities

The text present in a flyer is always composed by copywriters. Content is put down in a way such that is grasps customers’ attentions easily in a short period of time. Those interested to know more will read further to find relevant information about products or services. It takes 5-10 seconds for a customer on an average to decide whether he or she will proceed or not.

How Should Flyers be Designed?

Certain tips are necessary to ensure that companies are able to gain maximum advantage from flyers. They are as follows:

  • Do not forget to put the company’s brand logo on the flyer. It is a symbol for the customer to link products and services.
  • The use of color images is likely to create a greater impact than black and white images. Therefore, a suitable budget must be available for this print.
  • Catchy messages are absolutely necessary in the flyers, motivating customers to pick them up. At the same time, there should not be any spelling errors. Even a small spelling error is likely to create a negative impression of the company in question.

Outsourcing print jobs to another company is most helpful since it frees up time for other jobs.

Cheap Printing Services as Long Term Solutions

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

Printing plays an important role in making elements of a business visible in front of consumers. These consumers do not always have to be end users, but could be representatives of other businesses. Different types of printed materials commonly required are brochures, flyers, books, posters, T-Shirts, key chains, and others. These days, suitable print coordinators who can get in touch with various print companies all over the world are available for such tasks.

Businesses have resorted to digital print services due to various reasons, one of them being cheap printing services. Technology has made it possible for printing machines and their related costs to be low, enabling companies to decrease their printing rates. There is no company which does not make use of digital print services at present. A Publishing House is an example of one such company. It makes great sense to carry out internal communication in the form of magazines and newsletters with the help of such printing services.

More About Digital Prints

In addition to providing cheap printing services, digital print enables companies to complete printing projects at a rapid pace. The print medium also helps a company clearly communicate with its target audience. Low volume print jobs like newsletters can be easily completed through digital prints. It is also suitable for proofing purposes.

One of the reasons why it is so efficient is because it can print to different media from digital-based images. It creates professional samples, allowing users to get detailed samples of their print jobs in a short time.

Yet another benefit of this technology is that changes with respect to colors, text, and photos can be made easily, but without slowing the process much. Businesses can benefit from customized marketing campaigns through this method. However, those who want high volume prints need to look for offset printing companies instead.

Kinds of Prints

While some companies look for specific types of printed matter, there are others who look for a variety of printing solutions. Common kinds of printed matter are as follows:

  • Letterheads
  • Notepads
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Standees
  • Pamphlets
  • Membership Cards
  • Brochures
  • Hologram Stickers
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Plastic Cards
  • Mouse Pads
  • Grocery Bags
  • Car Wraps

Since printing coordinators can be contacted online, there is no need to travel to a new geographical location for finding a print vendor. Payments can also be made online, using wallets and payment gateways. It is possible to check the rankings of final print companies with the help of customer reviews on Google and other websites.

Print Offers are Available Online

Visits to various reputed print websites through the coordinators will help customers look at attractive discounts from time to time. Such discounts on good quality services are rarely available at offline stores. Quick delivery is also made possible, usually within a day or two, though this is based on the nature of assignment.

Print quality gives information about the nature of business. Therefore, it is important to choose reputed printing companies for the best results.

Business Success with Inexpensive Printing Companies

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Every company has a one or more types of printing requirements, for which it may need to choose an external vendor. It is not always possible to get completely professional print quality in-house all the time. Therefore, time must be taken in choosing one of the inexpensive printing companies in the market. Not all of them may be present in the same country as the client.

Print Vendors

Using the Internet, companies can now locate agents as print vendors. These agents get in touch with suitably inexpensive printing companies in the market. Such companies have years of expertise in printing for different clients, allowing them to provide good quality products every time.

Delivery on Time

Time is always money in the case of any business. This is the reason why every printing assignment must be delivered on time. It allows client companies to depend on these printing agencies for their printing requirements, whether urgent or regular. Many times, a book launch is scheduled at the end of the month, for which printed copies of the same need to be rolled out in time. Yet another example of a timely delivery is a weekly magazine.

The message about delivery on time must be clearly received, which helps meet deadlines. A few days to edit unnecessary errors will also be handy.

Printing Builds Brands

Good quality print is responsible for moving forward in the journey towards brand building. All books and magazines maintain a certain print quality, which helps customers remember company names. Print quality is, in other words, very important for brand recall.

Not all magazines and newsletters are rolled out for the public. There are many which are meant to be consumed internally. Print quality helps employees remember the high standards maintained by their companies. Of course, this achievement would not be possible without the contribution of a print company.

The quality of print also shows how much a company cares for its customers, or employees. The quality-of-care promotes high quality printed results. Of course, print budget for a company is also an important parameter. A mixture between good quality and good price is what every client company looks at.

Type of Paper

The type of paper being selected for print is dependent on the kind of items displayed in magazines, or newspapers. This could either be information about products, services, or internal company news. As an example, if beauty, food, fashion, or any other lifestyle product is being showcased, gloss paper would be the best choice. The shine on glossy paper helps to add glamour. Compared to this, educational institutions can make use of uncoated paper.

Getting Customized Print

Today’s printing companies offer customers the chance to get customized prints. These are the prints which add a touch of personalization to a product, such as a T-shirt with a specific quote, a keychain with a message, or a mug with a person’s photo.  Online print companies make it possible to get:

  • Standees
  • Hologram stickers
  • Custom Books
  • Pamphlets and Flyers
  • Grocery bags
  • Leaflets
  • Car wraps


Technology Makes Discount Printing Services Possible

Saturday, February 27th, 2021

The best printing companies always provide their services at very affordable costs. Printing as a requirement is important both for individuals and for companies. Although the method of printing may be different, the most important requirement in both cases is invariably discount printing services.

Printing in Bulk

Companies require several posters, magazines, leaflets, and other materials to be printed at once. For this reason, it becomes important for them to place orders in bulk. Such bulk orders will automatically make them qualify for discount printing services with a reputed company.

Printing is no longer restricted to specific geographical areas, but can take place in any part of the world. Internet has made it possible to ask for a print from a company located in a different nation. In fact, there are printing vendors who get other printing companies to sign up with them and then clients contact the vendors for services. This allows the clients to take advantage of high quality and low prices.

Postcards as Promotional Items

Those looking for personalized and straightforward marketing materials must consider postcards as a viable option. These can easily attract customers as soon as they arrive, without even opening them. By getting these postcards printed, it becomes easy and economical to market company products. The best printing companies can prepare custom postcards as well. These can be used for a variety of companies, whether in the manufacturing or retail sector. One of the ways to customize a postcard is to make use of variable data printing. This name is for a digital print capable of customizing images, text, and graphics for every postcard. A customized message can deliver a direct lead to a company website or any store.

Printing Custom Books

The whole charm of printing custom items is to increase the level of personalization, and that’s exactly what a custom book does. Text, illustrations, and graphics will always remind the authors of a brand or their own subjects. It used to be very expensive and time consuming to print such books in the past, but modern printing companies have completely changed this. In not more than a week these days, a custom book can be ordered, printed, as well as shipped.

None of the printing companies making custom books place restrictions on the book sizes. Top printing companies help to print books in exactly the ways they were conceptualized. This includes the following parameters:

  • Very beautiful colors
  • Crisp paper and even ink coverage
  • Sturdy and tight bookbinding
  • Bulk printing requirements
  • Book-styles in the form of hardcovers, softcovers, and others
  • Shippers packaging books carefully and delivering to doorsteps

Customizations can be added in the form of custom end sheets, headbands and footbands, embossing and debossing, and foil stamping.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are also necessary for promotional purposes. Despite a lot of promotions being done online, both the above still help convince a lot of clients. There is something attractive about holding good quality of paper and content in hand that no technology can beat.

07 Advantages Of Hiring Professional Printing Service For Business

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

When you are looking for professional printing services, you are looking to get an exceptional piece of marketing material for your business. Printing service is a necessity for almost any business. Whether you’re creating promotional flyers or printing out proposals and contracts for clients, your business could benefit from using a professional printing service.

By outsourcing to a professional service, you can ensure your order’s timely delivery at the quality you expect. If the custom printing online is not up to par, you can request a reprint at no extra cost. To guarantee the quality, it’s always good to leave it to the professionals who have good experience with all manner of print designs. Professional services also ensure clean, clear cut edges by printing on slightly larger sized paper and then cutting smaller designs down to size, leaving you perfect edges instead of white margins.


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