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Printing Industry Exchange ( is pleased to have Steven Waxman writing and managing the Printing Industry Blog. As a printing consultant, Steven teaches corporations how to save money buying printing, brokers printing services, and teaches prepress techniques. Steven has been in the printing industry for thirty-three years working as a writer, editor, print buyer, photographer, graphic designer, art director, and production manager.

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Top 04 Business Documents You Need To Have in the Printed Form

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

None of us wants to stay deprived of anything in life. Even though we have a business generating massive revenue each month, we still want to enter other fields to make money. For example, maybe you are running a top-notch restaurant in Bluffton; still, you may want to launch a personal training company in nearby areas. So, the question is, how will you let your target audience know that you have started a personalized training firm and they should visit it to get personal services. That’s where flyers come in.

Do you know what a flyer is? It is a form of paper advertisement that online printing companies( print in bulk to distribute to many people in public places. If you reach out to a specific company for flyer printing directly, they may ask you to pay a high price. But if you visit a trusted platform where thousands of clients meet hundreds of printing companies, it would be easy to compare and negotiate your printing cost. Let’s see five crucial reasons to print flyers:

Have you left keeping pen and paper with yourself and leveraging digital technologies to the fullest? Do you store every business document in soft drives now? We want to let you know that your approach for storing all the essential documents on a virtual server is not a great idea because there are instances when you might need physical copies to access specific information. Who knows when you fail to access your computer, or there is some other issue? Having a physical copy of the essential documents is necessary.

You can find scores of printing companies for document printing online, but you must contact them through a trusted platform where a myriad of print buyers meet several print companies.

Custom Printing: Ghosts and Other Ink Density Problems

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Photo purchased from …

What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are scary things. Well, maybe not so scary in commercial printing, but they are extremely frustrating and time consuming to eradicate, and a pressman’s ability to remove ghosts demonstrates the knowledge base that makes him an artist and a craftsman.

First of all, what are ghosts? They are unplanned images from elsewhere on a press form that show up on your press sheet. They are always a repetition of something already on your plate, either text or an image. In my experience they usually appear as a lighter image in a solid area, but sometimes they appear as a darker image within a lightly screened area.

In certain press layouts the potential for ghosting is higher than in others. When it happens, it is usually because the necessary confluence of layout problems has been missed in prepress, plating, and even the pressroom.

Ghosting is a result of ink starvation, which is a result of the size of the commercial printing press and the placement of heavy-coverage solid ink on a press signature. For instance, I once designed a poster which included text, a large vertical photo, and a solid ink border surrounding the central image. The border bled off the poster on all sides. If the prepress department had not flagged the job initially, it could have caused problems.

Without alteration, as the poster press sheet (in this case, with only one poster on a sheet) traveled through the press, the press would have deposited a lot of ink on the top of the poster, where the heavy coverage border printed all the way across, and then relatively little along the sides of the poster’s border, and then a lot of ink where the bottom of the border ran through the press (with solid, heavy PMS ink all the way across the custom printing plate).

In simpler terms, the press shifts from a heavy deposit of ink to a lighter one and back to a heavier one. And sometimes the result is the faint (maybe 20 percent of solid) ink markings (lighter or darker than the surroundings) repeating an element from another part of the layout.

So What Can You Do?

I have seen such a dilemma resolved in three ways. The first, quickest, and cheapest way is to catch the problem before the job leaves prepress. Stopping the press and making new plates takes time and costs money. Avoid this whenever possible.

The second option is to add “take-off bars,” or “ghost bars,” to the sides of the poster (i.e., add a solid laydown of ink outside the image area of the poster on the press sheet). The ghost bars widen an area printed in heavy ink and make it more equal in size or total area (i.e., equal in the amount of heavy ink coverage) to the opposite dimension (width vs. height).

This avoids the quick shift from using lots of ink to using very little ink to using lots of ink.

Granted, ghosting can be far more elusive. In my case the ghosting (which was avoided) would have been just an unevenness in ink coverage on the vertical and horizontal segments of the border surrounding a photo. In other cases, bits and pieces of large display type or photos can appear where they are unwanted. The culprits are usually heavy solids, screens, large areas of type, groups of halftones, and reversed type (i.e., areas with a lot of ink separate from, but on the same press sheet as, areas with far less ink). So the best thing to do if you’re at all concerned is to ask your commercial printing supplier about the potential for ghosting.

To get back to my own press inspection and discovery of ghosting, the printer I was working with did something else, something I hadn’t seen before and haven’t seen since. He tilted the poster on the press sheet. What this did was even out the laydown of ink on the press sheet and thereby avoid ink starvation. Due to the tilting of the entire poster, there was a more gradual shift from heavy ink coverage to light ink coverage and back to heavy ink coverage in printing the border surrounding the photo.

Similar Problems

Like ghosting, other ink density problems can occur during a press run. And the human eye is most unforgiving in these cases.

For instance, large areas of solid color can look uneven. The same is true for screens of color. A small press, according to Getting It Printed, by Mark Beach and Eric Kenly, starts to have problems when the size of the solid or screen exceeds 3” x 3” (and when the size of large type exceeds 72pt). A large press can hold consistent density for a solid or screen for a 9” x 9” area. So sometimes moving to a larger press will fix the problem of an uneven screen or ink solid.

But sometimes even this is not enough.

One way to rectify such uneven density is to print two “hits” of the same color, one over the other. This evens out the coverage. Another option is to print a screen of a color and then cover this with a solid pass of the same color. A lot of printers do this for a heavy coverage of black ink. Or, a commercial printing supplier may build a “rich black” using not only black ink but also certain percentages of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. This can yield richer coverage and more consistency of color.

This struggle to maintain consistency in ink coverage can also occur in background screens that must be consistent from page to page (or, worse, from press signature to press signature). This is particularly problematic for neutral colors (close to gray but with a slight color cast). Since the human eye can perceive even small differences in color on pages laid side by side, printers often sidestep the potential problem by adding an additional PMS color for all large background screens that repeat (particularly from press signature to press signature).

Further problems of a similar nature can occur with “in-line” colors on a press sheet. Imagine a press sheet with four pages across the top and four pages immediately below these (eight on one side of the form and eight on the other), yielding a sixteen-page press signature. Now imagine that this is part of a magazine, with heavy-coverage solids, screens, large type, pages on the signature with very little type and large expanses of white paper, and other pages with multiple printed elements.

Mentally “scan” across and down, from the pages above (four across) to the pages below. If there is a shift in either ink density or color from the pages entering the press first to those immediately below them and therefore “in line” on the press sheet, there can be visible color casts. For instance, a heavy-ink-coverage advertisement in a magazine may either take on a color cast, or cause an in-line page to take on a color cast (maybe a reddish tinge, if the large photo in the ad includes warm flesh tones).

In this case the pressman may have to adjust the color across the sheet to compromise or just make the paid advertisement perfect while tolerating less than perfect color in the in-line page. (Keep in mind that the ink density can be adjusted from one side to the other across a press sheet, but in the direction the paper travels through the press (usually the wider dimension on a sheetfed press), anything that lines up along this axis will have equal-density ink coverage. And the only way I know to remedy these problems is to impose the pages differently on the press sheet, usually by producing smaller press signatures (which would require more press runs).

Online Prints Are Helpful for Several Businesses

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Every business in today’s times need to be able to reach out to its own shareholders and the audience, for which it requires online printing services. Most of the online printing websites are offering both offline and online services. Digital prints can be used for magazines and newsletters as well, many of which are used for internal communication. Though it is easy to get such services due to the number of companies providing them, it is important to choose a company with good market reputation.

A World Full of Customized Prints

Today’s world is one in which both individuals and companies like to buy customized items, whether notepads, cards, mugs, keychains, or T-shirts. Such items can be created with the help of customized prints available on online printing websites. Here are the names of some customized prints that can be created by the best companies:

  • Plastic Cards
  • Standees
  • Grocery Bags
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets and flyers
  • Hologram Stickers
  • Leaflets
  • Car Wraps
  • Membership Cards
  • Banners
  • Mouse Pads
  • Posters
  • Letterheads

Whether customized or not, online prints are heavily used for the following industries:

  • Advertising and Marketing – Flyers and brochures have to be printed for direct marketing
  • Education – Drafts for flyers, magazines, certificates, and newsletters are designed online
  • Healthcare – Remote printing solutions in hospitals and medical centers are necessary to print patient reports

Main Advantages of Online Prints

  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Highly accurate in terms of proofing
  • Suitable for low volume print jobs like printed newsletters
  • Greater print speed than traditional prints, enabling companies to meet their deadlines easily. Even detailed samples can be prepared in no time.
  • Various alterations in colors, images, and text can be made without affecting the speed of the print process
  • Diverse marketing campaigns can be printed using digital technology

A substantial amount of time needs to be spent on the Internet to find the most suitable printing service for any company. Personal as well as online references are most helpful in selecting one print vendor over another. The best part about online print is that the order for the task can be given in any part of the world and be received from there as well. Online payment gateways have made it possible to pay over the Internet.

Different Types of Paper

Paper specifications for companies may vary. Since businesses would be different from each other, it is likely that the type of paper needed would also be unique. Here are the paper options that cover most industries:

  • Bright White Paper
  • Glossy Paper
  • Inkjet Printer Paper
  • Matte Paper

Customer Satisfaction is Important

Every company that contacts a printing vendor is a B2B customer. Therefore, it is necessary for such interactions to be pleasant experiences, ranging from interactions about scope of work to order tracking. Of course, the quality of print job has to be the most important. As print vendors take responsibility for print quality, companies will be able to prepare their marketing strategies.



Top Benefits of Hiring A Professional Color Printing Service

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Hiring a professional colour printing service becomes crucial if you want to boost your business marketing goals and rewatch the organizational goals rapidly. You will need printing services to create an incredible piece of marketing content for your business. Nowadays, every business needs online colour printing services for their marketing and promotional goals. Whether it’s the need for promotional flyers or contracts and proposals for clients, you can take the help of printing services to boost efficiency and benefit your business.

Why Choose Professional Color Printing Services?

The most intelligent business decision is to outsource your printing services to professionals to ensure the top-notch quality and on-time delivery of the services. If you choose the right printing services, you can enjoy reprint options with no additional cost if the service is not up to your expectations. It’s always better to outsource your printing requirements to professionals as they have years of expertise to manage and deal with various print designs.

Benefits of Professional Color Printing Services

Apart from clean, clear-cut edge printing, online colour printing services have several other key benefits that you must know.  

1. Affordable Cost of Service

Whether you have small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale businesses, you can always choose to opt for professional online colour printing services. The cost for these services is cheaper and affordable for almost every type of business in the world. From a startup to a big company, everyone can avail of this service at the same affordable prices.

2. Time-Saving Service

If you choose to outsource your business printing services to professionals, you will save a lot of time. If you’re a startup, you will run with a shortage of labour. In such a case, you have to focus on the primary aspects of your business operation rather than printing. Thus, hiring a professional printing service will save you time and the labour force as a startup.

If you have a medium or large-scale business, you will need to focus on the various business operations for expansions. In such cases, outsourcing printing services can save a lot of time for your business. Also, these services can deliver within a few days, which can become essential at times of quick promotional requirements.

3. Professional Assistance From Experts

One of the key benefits that every business enjoys after hiring a printing service is professional assistance from experts. These professional service providers have years of experience and practice to ensure the best quality print and print designs for clients. They assist you in boosting your business with the right print design ideas for your marketing or promotional campaigns. They will help the campaign with innovative ideas that will fit right into your budget.

4. Superior Quality Print Results

If you choose customized online colour printing services, you can rest assured that you will enjoy superior quality print. If you opt to make custom prints or any print design on your own, you may end up with a good design but a poor-quality result. The primary key to a successful promotional or marketing campaign for a business is displaying its quality product and services. If the print results display poor quality, then chances to achieve those campaign goals can become challenging. This is why outsourcing printing services to professionals is beneficial, as you will undoubtedly enjoy the most superior quality print results for your business.

5. Easy Accessibility And Customization

With rapid technological advancement, accessibility to online printing services has become easy and hassle-free. You can quickly access their websites and enable customization options to modify the print design and quality according to your business requirements.

Ending Note

So, contact the best online colour printing services to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Get your business prints from professionals today.









Custom Prints and Branding

Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Customisation is the buzzword across different brands in the world today. These brands help individuals get unique identities, enabling them to stand out from others. Similarly, customisation also helps businesses in creating an identity of their own. A variety of industries, ranging from education to pharmaceuticals and fashion choose custom design printing options

The visual medium is very important for a brand. It needs to be able to create an image that is retained in the minds of a customer. With the help of custom design printing, customers can get any type of image printed on various substrates. Some of the printing companies also allow their customers to create their own designs and print them. This is helpful for large organizations where employees feel a sense of belonging while wearing custom printed tees.

Choosing a Suitable Printing Company 

It is important to select the print company that best meets organizational needs. The decision is not just based on quality but also on affordability and turnaround time. Past references always help to tilt the balance in favor of a particular company. Custom print items are usually purchased in bulk. While in some cases the client purchases the items and gets them printed, companies may themselves buy the item and get it printed as well.

Images made by a well-known print company will always appear distinctive and pretty on various substrates. Businesses can get designs, photos, or text printed on books, business cards, caps, T-shirts, and other surfaces. Well-made images are immensely beneficial from the marketing perspective. If at all the brand is leaving a concept open to imagination, it must be conveyed accordingly.

Features of Custom Printing

B2B customers will see these features of custom prints:

1) Several Finishing Options

2) Use of die-cut shapes and different sizes

3) Quirky Folding Options

4) Coating or Custom Paper

5) Numerous Binding Options

To show the above features, here are the names of the techniques used: 

1) Use of 100% Recycled Paper

2) Embossing

3) Die Cutting

4) Perforating

5) Metallic Inks

6) Round Corners

7) Custom Papers

8) Spiral Binding

9) Pantone Inks

10) Spot Varnish

Digital prints have transformed the way print is treated today. Customisation is the biggest advantage of digital print, where no permanent plate is used. Even in case of a spelling or design error, the used file can be easily modified to change the final output.

Nature of Clients

These are the types of clients who generally require custom print services:

  • Corporations
  • Brokers
  • Small Businesses
  • Publishers
  • Advertising and Marketing Firms
  • Graphic Design Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Companies

Custom Printed Postcards 

It may be hard to believe, but many companies are using letters and postcards for direct marketing. The low cost makes them perfect for marketing and they can be customised as well. Good print quality from a reputed print company plays a major role in conveying the right marketing message. So, there is no need to employ a large number of people for receiving digital prints.


04 Know Top Benefits Of Flyer Printing Services You Were Not Aware of

Friday, July 9th, 2021

One of the many benefits that you may not know about flyer printing services is how they can help promote and advertise your business. Flyers are cheap to produce, meaning this might be an inexpensive way for a small-business owner just starting out their company to get started on marketing without going into debt.

Printing flyers is an effective way to promote your business. With the advent of print on demand technology, you can create personalised flyers at a fraction of what it used to cost. Flyers are a great way to combine creativity with marketing. Flyers can range from being informative and straight-forward, or they may be more on the creative side of things. Regardless of what type you opt for, one thing is certain: flyers will help your business make an impact in its community.

Benefits of hiring professional printing services for your business

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Sure, you can print a few pages all by yourself, even edit them if needed, but can you assure of printing a thousand copies and editing them every day? Well, this is precisely why you need custom printing services online. Choosing a professional to do what they love to do is the best way to get everything done quickly without creating hurdles for anyone. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons for you to change your mind.

1.  They provide you with high-quality work

Printing similar pages multiple times might finish all the ink in your office printer, but a professional will have it all sorted because they always print in bulk. They will never fail you in terms of quality. They will make sure that you get similar quality on every page. This quality work requires a regular change of ink, which can be a messy task for an office worker. Hiring a professional is what you can do best to avoid a situation like this.

2.  They have the resources to manage huge assignments as well.

Well, a professional printing service provider will always have all the types of equipment required for printing. If they work on a large scale, they will have huge machines to print banners and posters you see while travelling from a highway. They are also capable of taking work in bulk so, if you require 1000 pages of a document on everyone’s desk each day, custom printing online will provide you with the benefit of having those right in the morning.

3.  They are faster than you know

An agency will have a handful of workers working under each category, so if you think you are alone enough to print pages, print journals and other things just in time, then you are wrong. In addition, handing it over to a printing service will make your work a lot more clean and more manageable.

Even the machines used by the agency can take bulk work and deliver faster service while your office printer won’t be able to work 2 hours a day on a non-stop basis.

4.  They charge a moderate fee everyone can afford

Buying papers, ink and maintenance of the printer along with the one-time investment of buying a printer for you will be expensive than just handling the tender to an online service provider. But they will deliver your work in time, won’t take an off and make sure to deliver the same quality every day. They will also help you save money on a graphic designer. So, if you want to get customized designs on those sheets every day, they will help you achieve it in minimal time.

With all the reasons listed above, we hope you are pretty much convinced why you need to leave this work to a professional. Before you choose to opt for custom printing online, check the company’s reviews and take suggestions from people who might know about it. There is no point trusting someone blindly and being in trouble later, right?

Five Reasons Why Printing Companies Are Important to Businesses

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Nearly a trillion dollars are used to fund the global printing industry each year. This is fairly impressive for an industry whose growth is mainly marked by printing labels and packaging. In fact, the printing industry is estimated to be eight times larger than the video game industry and also rivals the massively influential auto industry.

The rapid growth of the printing industry can be contributed to a lot of things. One of the main reasons is the importance of the printing industry in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. Many custom printing companies are known to help big and small businesses along the way.

Why Printing Companies Are Important to Businesses?

If you are still wondering how custom printing companies are helping businesses, there are five reasons to help you understand better.


The printing industry enables a lot of advertisement materials like posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and billboard advertisements to come to life. These are some of the requirements of the business. They are also impressive tools to attract and engage customers and potential clients. Many proofs show that printed ads garner more traction than digital ads. Studies also show that people find printed ads to be less annoying than digital ones. They are also more effective as there are more chances of visibility and to make a sale with printed ads rather than digital ones.


Be it printed pamphlets and flyers or a big billboard ad, opting for a physical means makes the issue more tangible. It helps you get your business to life and paints a serious and no-nonsense picture of your brand. You would also be able to deliver the messages to your customers, clients, and audience in a better and more creative way. In simpler words, high-quality printing establishes your brands and helps your business get more visibility from the common folks. The more people see them, the more will they become engaged, helping you garner profits and visibility.


When you use a high-quality business card or a flyer to advertise your company, it adds a certain level of credibility to your business, as human beings are very visual creatures. They take note of the prints, and the colors. They would notice whether your product has high-quality print and good content. If you can pass at both of them, your business will be more likely to gain exposure and visibility. It will help you get noticed by your customers and potential clients.


The world is becoming more technologically advanced. However, printed products still have more lasting effects than digital ones. This is because, in the case of digital products, people just spend some time on one page and then lose interest and browse something else. In the case of physical prints, they would take some time to read them and might get more enthralled and interested.


Online advertisements are considered to be more annoying than physical ones. Therefore, more people would be interested to read a printed ad than a digital one. They are better portion tools and can be used to increase customer acknowledgment and sales.

Final Take

The printing industry is flourishing at a very fast rate. Therefore, there are many custom printing companies ready to help you get the best products possible.

4 Benefits to Consider About Online Document Printing Services

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Printing services have been in the market for several years, even after facing several ups and downs, it is still prevalent among businesses. No marketing campaign is counted as completed without having a printing service provider onboard. The planning and designing stage is crucial for the marketing campaigns but the printing services are what ensures the quality of your final output. There are various online document printing services available these days but it is your responsibility to select a reliable and reputed service provider that understands your needs and requirements properly.

Generally, materials like flyers, brochures, posters are considered the only marketing material that businesses prefer. But it is not true. There is a wide range of marketing materials that businesses publish to communicate with readers and develop potential clients. Every material has different requirements when it comes to printing services. It is not the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure perfect quality print as the printing service provider plays a major role in maintaining the standard of the marketing material. Let us now further discuss what advantages do businesses gain from online printing services:


Online document printing services are highly convenient. You just need a computer or any other smart device and can easily contact or communicate with a printing service provider. The hassle of running from one place to another to find a suitable printing service is not there anymore. After finding your printing service provider online, you can check out their samples and designs to brief them about your plan.

Finest Quality

Online printing services never scrimp on the quality. They are equipped with the latest technologies and tools that ensure every marketing material achieves the highest standard of quality.

Product for Every Need

One thing to be sure about is that you will never run out of options or services at online printing services. Online printing service providers have an array of options available at their desks that will fit every need of yours. Poster, brochure, flyer, banner, etc., all you need is to order a product, they have all kinds of paper, sizes, inks, and materials.

Best Customer Services

Online printing companies are known for the best customer service. Right from the ordering procedure, they are truly transparent and try to be 24/7 accessible to the business concern through phone or e-mail. Service inquiries or complaints are well-received even after the job is done, in case there is an error.

Timely Delivery of Product

Deadlines are very important for every business. The products need to be delivered on time as any delay in the delivery would directly affect the marketing campaign. Many online printing services offer tracking details so that customers can easily track their orders. It takes away the stress of delay in delivery and makes it easy to solve any issue regarding the delivery status of the order.

Several elements make a marketing campaign a success, printing quality of the material is one of them. Selecting the best and the most reliable printing service provider will result in the best quality printed materials.

How Newsletter Printing Helps Companies

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Newsletters are responsible for employees being able to connect with the management of an organization. While this is on the internal front, there are other newsletters that help companies connect with their customers, as well as boost sales by establishing trust and credibility in the market. Therefore, newsletter printing is considered very important for the marketing success of any company.

Printing companies can be contacted online these days. Although the printing solution is physical, business and print companies can touch base online. The order for newsletter printing can be placed in bulk, which would entitle the client to a bulk discount. However, the commonly used way to get prints is a little different from what it sounds like.

Obtaining Newsletter Prints

Printing companies have their own specializations, and it makes great sense to contact one that specializes in printing newsletters. For this purpose, print coordinator companies can be found on the Internet. They are the ones acting as the mediators between the clients and the printing companies. They ensure that clients do not have to spend much time searching for print companies. Clients are able to find the best printing companies as per their newsletter requirements by contacting the coordinators. Some of the print companies may be able to design newsletters as well.

Top Benefits of Customer Newsletters

Existing customer relationships are always easier to strengthen than to make new relationships. Current customers already bestow a certain degree of trust, and a newsletter further helps to boost this relationship. The benefits of newsletters for customers are as follows:

  1. No Selling Necessary- The aim of the newsletter is to only update its customers about recent happenings in a client company and the related industry. It reinforces the client company’s credibility and allows its developments to remain fresh in customer minds. Promotion does take place, but in a very subtle manner. In comparison, a brochure is meant for flashy promotions. Interesting content is the basis for attracting customers.
  2. Easy to Design– A newsletter is always viewed more than a publication, and is thereby seen with fewer design elements. Concise pieces of information are conveyed here, and so the content is very easy to put down. For instance, it is possible to put down short profiles of employees, executives, projects, customers, and also industry developments.
  3. Print is Permanent- Though newsletters are commonly send by emails these days, there are many companies which believe the printed word more, and look for printed copies. A printed copy is also easily visible, and it’s easy to understand, unlike a cluttered screen. Being in printed form, it is also not discarded easily.
  4. Short- There is no need for a newsletter to be lengthy; instead, it can just be distributed at regular intervals

Finding the Right Type of Paper

Different types of paper are available for various types of printed matter. Coated paper would be ideal for newsletters, as it is slightly heavy as well. In comparison, gloss paper would be best suited for luxurious lifestyle products in beauty or fashion. Uncoated paper is ideal for educational matter.


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