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If you are promoting a new product, brand, event or company and require catalog printing services, you need high quality affordable catalog printing companies. The problem for many people is finding quality printing services at affordable prices and knowing which companies to trust for the best service. At, we help you find the best catalog printing companies anywhere in the world.

Using our system, you can request quotes from multiple printing companies. Catalog printers will compete for your catalog printing business by offering competitive catalog printing quotes. Our service will have printing companies banging down your door with competitive catalog printing bids for top notch catalog printing services, which helps you save on your printing costs.

You can request a catalog printing quote using our free easy online bid system in just a few minutes. To request a bid for catalog printing service, fill out your specs for catalog printing services. After you have submitted the form, multiple printing companies in locations around the world will respond to your request for quotes and submit a bid to you with the cost for your print catalog job.

Compare the catalog printing quotes from multiple companies and select one that best fits your needs. Print Industry Exchange helps you save time and lower the cost of your print catalog, while finding the best quality printing service possible from leading companies. Browse our website to learn more about requesting bids using our free quote request system.

Make the Most of Your Catalog

If you want to make a lasting impression with your catalog, it is extremely crucial to take care of the following aspects –


Your catalog is essentially a photobook that helps you show the best of your products and services to your target audiences which can be easily done using good quality images.

Font Type

Since you wish your customers to know more about you and your business, your catalog must carry a font that is easy to read, and matches your brand value.

Added Aspects

What makes a catalog content-rich are aspects such as detailed features, information about your business, testimonials from your existing customers, and more.

Type of Paper

If you belong to a high-end industry such as fashion, beauty, travel, aviation etc. it goes without doubt that you must make use of Gloss Paper, which comes with the inherent lustrous coat for an opulent look and feel. If your catalog heavily relies on text to send the message across, it is best to opt for Matte Paper which has a minimal glare, ensuring an added ease of reading. If in case, your catalog requires the audience to write or draw on the pages, it is best to go for Uncoated Paper.

Type of Bind

Saddle Stitch which refers to folded and stapled pages is the most preferred when it comes to printing catalogs. However, if the number of pages in your catalog is on the higher side, we strongly recommend Perfect Bind!

Now that you’re aware of the aspects that need your due diligence, go ahead fill our request bid form, and choose the best catalog printing company for your marketing campaign!

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