Brochure Printing Business in the United States

Custom Brochure printing is easier than ever at Print Industry Exchange. You can find the cheapest brochure printing quotes from commercial printers when you request bids through Our goal is to connect people looking for color custom brochure printing with printing companies from around the world to help you find the best rates for quality brochure print service.

Your brochure makes a statement about your business and creates a positive impression of your business, products and services. A dynamic, colorful custom brochure from a professional brochure printing service is exactly what you need for your advertising and branding efforts. At, we have color brochure printing companies waiting to quote your job.

When creating a brochure for promotional efforts, there are several design tips to keep in mind, such as:

  1. Consider the available types of brochures, including tri-fold, self-mailers, 4 page brochures, catalogs and others. There are two basic brochure print sizes 8 ½" x 11" or 11" x 17". When selecting the design and layout of the brochure, consider the amount of content you want to include.
  2. Color options: Color brochure printing generally includes more than one color and using more colors creates more impact in the overall design. Full color printing is effective for enticing your readers. Including images in the design creates a professional image and helps to effectively convey your message.
  3. Paper: Selecting paper with a heavier weight and with a coating creates a professional look and feel to the finished product.
  4. Folds: There are three options for the fold of your brochure design:
    • Half fold is a single fold and provides 4 pages total.
    • Tri fold brochures have left and right flaps that open to display the message.
    • Z fold is a brochure that folds accordion style.

You will need to make these basic decisions prior to completing the bid request form to have print companies place bids on your job. Complete the request forms with details about the style and type of brochure, paper and other information and post your request to get quotes for your job. Companies will contact you directly with bids and you can select the quote that best fits your needs.

Pro Tip - Inclusion of a fairly visible logo, some high-resolution images depicting your products and services, and even you and your team in the brochure design can go a long way in creating the desired impact on your existing and prospective customers!

Why Print Industry?

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Now, isn’t that one of the most promising ways to ensure that your single color or full color brochure printing needs are met in a pocket-friendly and efficient manner? So make the most of thics coveted opportunity and give your business the boost that it deserves!

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