Date Bid Submitted: 06-02-98
Bid Due Date: 07-15-98
Print Project Title: 1998-99 Autosmart
Contact Name: Bill Smith
Contact Company Name: Print Inc.
Contact Address: 435 Floosmoor Drive
Contact City: KANSAS CITY
Contact State: KANSAS
Contact Zip Code: 66024
Contact Country: USA
Contact Phone: 555-757-0700
Contact Fax: 555-757-9200
Contact Email:
Schedule Needed: please advise
Quantity: 5,000 and addl. 1,000s
Size Finished: 8 1/2 x 11
No. of Pages: 200 pages + cover
Cover Stock: 10pt C1S
Text Stock: 60lb white offset
Cover Ink: Black + 2 PMS (full bleeds) + varnish
Text Ink: black (no bleeds)
Cover Coating: varnish
Ink Coverage: medium
Halftones/Duotones: none
Four Color Proc Pix: none
Separations Needed: none
Bleeds: yes (see ink area)
Screens: none
Strip-ins: none
Reverses: none
Knock-outs: none
Registration/Trapping: cover (tight)
Bindery: Perfect
Finishing, Die Cutting, etc.: none
Artwork Provided: IBM post script or Word97 files
Proof Requested: yes...blueline
Packaging: shrink wrap in multiples of 5
Delivery Contact: same
Delivery Company: same
Delivery Address: same
Delivery City: same
Delivery State: same
Delivery Zip: same
Delivery Country: same
Delivery Phone: same
Additional Comments: none

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