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Tickets for Raffles, Events, Concerts -- Samples of Past Printing Jobs

*NOTE: actual bid sheet houses more information than is listed here. It includes full contact information for the print buyer, plus detailed ticket specs. (Click to view a completed Ticket Printing Bid Request Form).
Project Title: Cubs Bonus Book
Quantity: 2,500
Size: 5 1/4 x 2
No of Pages/Leafs: WILLIAMSPORT
Cover Paper Stock: White 67#
Text Paper Stock: Light Blue 60#
Cover Ink: Blue 286 Red 185
Text Ink: Blue 286 Red 185
Perforations: yes 2/page
Die Cut Drill: no
Roll or Booklet Format: booklet
Bindery: staple
Numbering: no
Copy: logos
Proof: yes
Delivery City, State: Williamsport, Pa.
Project Title: Coupon Book
Quantity: 30,000 books with 10 coupons per book
Size: 5 1/2 x 3 5/8
No of Pages/Leafs: MT. PLESANT
Cover Paper Stock: #110 index, white
Text Paper Stock: 20#, white
Cover Ink: reflex and black 2/2
Text Ink: black 1/1
Perforations: 1 per along 3 5/8 on left side
Die Cut Drill: n/a
Roll or Booklet Format: booklet
Bindery: collate, staple
Numbering: n/a
Copy: PC disk, either floppy or zip
Proof: insides, blueline - cover, color proof
Delivery City, State: same, same
Contact City, State: AUSTIN, TEXAS
Quantity: 3000 for each show, 6 shows
Size: 2 x 6
No of Pages/Leafs: AUSTIN
Text Paper Stock: N/A
Cover Ink: BLACK
Text Ink: N/A
Perforations: one @ 4 from the left
Die Cut Drill: N/A
Roll or Booklet Format: I WOULD LIKE PRICES FOR BOTH
Bindery: N/A
Numbering: 1 through 3000
Copy: Carlos'N Charlie's Logo provided BMP for Windows DISC, TEXT ON IBM
Proof: color proof
Delivery City, State: AUSTIN, TEXAS
Project Title: Coupon Book
Contact City, State: CRETE, ILLINOIS
Quantity: 10,000
Size: 3.5 x between 6 and 8.5 inches
No of Pages/Leafs: CRETE
Cover Paper Stock: 70# white
Text Paper Stock: 50# white
Cover Ink: black
Text Ink: black
Perforations: none
Die Cut Drill: none
Roll or Booklet Format: booklet
Bindery: pad
Numbering: none
Copy: camera-ready copy
Proof: blueline
Delivery City, State: Steger, IL
Contact City, State: CHEVERLEY, MARYLAND
Quantity: Looking for Scratch & Snif printer
Size: Looking for freshly mowed lawn scent
No of Pages/Leafs: CHEVERLEY
Cover Paper Stock: na
Text Paper Stock: na
Cover Ink: na
Text Ink: na
Perforations: na
Die Cut Drill: na
Roll or Booklet Format: na
Bindery: na
Numbering: na
Copy: na
Proof: na
Delivery City, State: same as above
Project Title: NCR log book
Contact City, State: DOVER, DELAWARE
Quantity: 20,000
Size: 5 1/2 h x 9 x
No of Pages/Leafs: DOVER
Cover Paper Stock: 100# manila tag
Text Paper Stock: 12# Sprint NCR white, yellow
Cover Ink: black
Text Ink: black
Perforations: yes on white copy only
Die Cut Drill: n/a
Roll or Booklet Format: booklet
Bindery: stapled
Numbering: n/a
Copy: Mac, Xpress, 300 dpi
Proof: mock book
Delivery City, State: dover, de
Project Title: Scratch-Off Tickets
Quantity: 20,000 & 40,000
Size: 2 x 4
No of Pages/Leafs: LOS ANGELES
Cover Paper Stock: na
Text Paper Stock: standard 'lottery stock' ... cost effective ...
Cover Ink: na
Text Ink: 4-Color Process over Black ... 4/1 (4-Color full bleeds, 1=black on other side , no
Perforations: Provided 'Lottery Tickets' on role ... & perfs between ...
Die Cut Drill: na
Roll or Booklet Format: Roll ...
Bindery: as stated above ... roll format
Numbering: on area to scratch (1 1/4 x 4 1/2) random imprinting in black ...
Copy: Disk vs. Camera Ready Copy ...
Proof: Complete blues ... Color Proof on 4-Color Process
Delivery City, State: Los Angeles, CA
Print Project Title: Raffle Tickets
Contact City: San Jose
Contact State: CALIFORNIA
Contact Zip Code: 95132
Quantity: 80,000
Size Finished: 2 X 7
No. of Pages/Leafs 1
Cover Stock: NA
Text Stock: 60# offset, white
Cover Ink: NA
Text Ink: Black 1 side
Perforations: Yes, stub to be 2 X 1 1/2
Die Cut/Drill: NA
Roll or Booklet Format? Booklet
Bindery: 12 tickets per book stapled
Numbering (crash) Red ink 2 positions
Artwork Provided: Mac Quark file
Proof Requested: standard proof or blueline
Packaging: Bulk pack
Delivery Company: SAME
Print Project Title Raffle Tickets
Contact City Milwaukee
Contact State WISCONSIN
Quantity 10,000
Size Finished please advise what the standard size is you do to make this the most cost effective
No of Pages Leafs 1 ticket (printing on 1 side vs. 2 sides)
Cover Paper Stock na
Text Paper Stock standard stock
Cover Ink na
Text Ink black
Perforations yes ... if you have a standard perf that would be fine.
Die Cut Drill na
Roll or Booklet Format Booklet format
Bindery standard bindery for this type of job.
Numbering Provide prices for numbering each ticket VS. no numbering
Copy Provided need printer to set 6 to 7 lines of type
Proof Requested fax or PDF proof
Packaging cartons
Delivery Contact same as above
Print Project Title CQ 20th
Contact City Windsor
Contact State ONTARIO
Contact Country Canada
Quantity 15000
Size Finished double-wide roll tickets - 1"x2" (50/50 type)
No of Pages Leafs # rolls required
Cover Paper Stock n/a
Text Paper Stock n/a
Cover Ink n/a
Text Ink process black
Perforations typical with double-wide roll tickets
Die Cut Drill n/a
Roll or Booklet Format YES - double-wide roll tickets - 1"x2" (50/50 type)
Bindery n/a
Numbering typical with roll tickets
Copy Provided PC vector artwork - any format
Proof Requested blueline
Packaging n/a
Delivery Contact same as above
Print Project Title Ladies Auxiliary Tickets - Elks
Contact City Ocean City
Contact State MARYLAND
Quantity 9000
Size Finished 5.5" x 2-1/2" approximately
No of Pages Leafs none
Cover Paper Stock none
Text Paper Stock 20 lb. bond or 67 lb. offset
Cover Ink none
Text Ink black
Perforations yes
Die Cut Drill no
Roll or Booklet Format bookets of 6 tickets each
Bindery none
Numbering yes, 2 times
Copy Provided camera ready, black & white 2 small logos
Proof Requested yes
Packaging bulk standard carton
Delivery Contact same as above
Print Project Title Phone Card Sweepstakes Roll
Contact City Seattle
Contact State WASHINGTON
Quantity 150,000 = total ... 50 rolls @3,000 each ... all same ex.induvidual #'in
Size Finished 3 x 2 (adaptive to size, cost effective, advise)
No of Pages Leafs one leaf, two sides
Cover Paper Stock ...
Text Paper Stock as a lottery ticket ... advise
Cover Ink ...
Text Ink 1pms + black over black, 2/1
Perforations tickets on a roll , 50 rolls @3,000 ... perforations between each ticket, tear-off one at a time ...
Die Cut Drill no
Roll or Booklet Format roll
Bindery one scratch-0ff box housing two seperate #'s
Numbering yes, several ... sequential inventory #'ing, card pins & sweepstakes prize variable game (variable game # & phone card under scratch-off)
Copy Provided Quark or PageMaker
Proof Requested yes, blues
Packaging bulk in standard cartons
Delivery Contact above

Raffle Books & Tickets Projects: Bid #151056

Bid #151056
Date Bid Submitted11/01/2009
Bid Due Date11/05/2009
Project TitleTicket
Schedule Required turnaround?
Contact NameLura Taggart
Contact CompanyPIE
Contact CountryUnited States
Contact Address14524-F Lee Road
Contact CityChantilly
Contact State/ProvVirginia
Contact Postal Code20151
Contact Phone
Contact Fax
Delivery ContactLura Taggart
Delivery CompanyPIE
Delivery CountryUnited States
Delivery Address14524-F Lee Road
Delivery CityChantilly
Delivery State/ProvVirginia
Delivery Postal Code20151
Delivery Phone
Delivery Fax
Graphic Design Needed:No
Artwork ProvidedPDF
Proof Requested:Blueline
Ticket Format:4) Booklet Tickets
Total Quantity of Tickets:1,000
Individual Ticket Size:Individual - 2-1/8" x 5-1/2"
Paper Stock:10 pt. C1S Cover
Ticket Paper Color:Blue
Ink Color(s):1 color over 0
Numbering:1 Location
Number of Ticket Stub(s):Ticket w/ 1 Stub
Packaging:Standard Packaging
Stapled in Books of:
(if applicable):
50 to a book
Additional Comments(none)