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Hang Tags, Retail Tags:  Samples of Tag Printing Bid Requests

As a clothing retailer or dry cleaner, nothing conveys you company's logo, brand and image better and helps you run your business more efficiently than hang tags. When you need hang tag printing and paper tag printing, you naturally look for quality, efficiency and reliability. Print Industry Exchange is your premier source for a network of printers, ready to take on the task of your hang tag printing job. The most qualified printers for paper tag printing will provide you with quotes allowing you to choose the printer who can best satisfy your needs.

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Hang Tags, Specialty Tags -- Samples of Past Printing Jobs

*NOTE: actual bid sheet houses more information than is listed here. It includes full contact information for the print buyer, plus detailed tag specs. (Click to view a completed Tag Printing Bid Request Form).
Project Title: return card
Contact City:, State: SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA
Quantity: 1m/2.5m/5m/10m/20m
Size/Dimension: 10.75 x 11
Stock and Color: white/green tag
Parts: 2
Carbon or NCR: carbon(6 x 11)
Ink: blk/green
Perforation: 3 horiz/3 virtical
Stringing Elastic Cotton: na
Numbering: na
Copy: yes
Proof: na
Delivery City, State: California
Project Title: Bag Tags
Contact City:, State: BALTIMORE, MARYLAND
Quantity: 24,000
Size/Dimension: 2-5/8 x 5-1/4
Stock and Color: Manilla
Parts: N/A
Carbon or NCR: N/A
Ink: Black/0 - 6 Versions
Perforation: None
Stringing Elastic Cotton: None
Numbering: None
Copy: Camera-Ready or disk
Proof: Proof via fax
Delivery City, State: same as above
Print Project Title: Tyvek Tags
Contact City:, State: Bellows Falls, VERMONT
Schedule Needed: turnaround time?
Quantity: 5000 individual tags
Size (dimension): 5.5 "(width) x 11" (length)
Stock (color): Tyvek
Parts: 1 pg (front only)
Ink: 1 PMS vs. Black
Perforation: perfed in middle of piece (horizontal perf)
Wiring: na
Stringing, Elastic, Cotton: na
Looped, Knotted: na
Metal Eyelets: na
Numbering: yes... Number at top and same Number right under horizontal perf
Artwork Provided: CRC
Proof Requested: blueline
Delivery State: VT

Print Project Title: Service Tag
Contact City: Santa Rosa
Contact State: CALIFORNIA
Schedule Needed: advise
Quantity: 4,000
Size (dimension): 2.25" x 4.5"
Stock (color): White 110# tag stock
Parts: none
Carbon or NCR: Attached: na
Ink: Blk
Patches: na
Perforation: na
Wiring: 7" lon dual
Stringing, Elastic, Cotton: na
Looped, Knotted: looped
Metal Eyelets: 1
Numbering: na
Screens: na
Reverses: na
Die Cut: 45 degree corner at top
Bar Codes: na
Artwork Provided: yes
Proof Requested: yes
Print Project Title: Water & Sewer Bills
Contact City: Lewiston
Contact State: NEW YORK
Quantity: 5,000
Size Dimension: 7 x 3.67 (includes stubs)
Stock and Color: White 125 tag continuous
Parts: 1
Carbon or NCR: n/a
Ink: 1/0 black
Perforation: full vertical perf
Wiring: n/a
Stringing Elastic Cotton n/a
Looped Knotted n/a
Metal Eyelets n/a
Numbering n/a
Screens camera ready
Copy Provided camera ready copy
Proof Requested no
Packaging bulk in std. cartons
Delivery Contact same
Print Project Title: Grand Hotel Tag
Contact City: Colebrook
Contact State: NEW HAMPSHIRE
Quantity: 10/15/25M
Size Dimension: No. 8 Tag (3.5 X 6.25 13pt. Bleached White Tag)
Stock and Color: White uncoated 13 pt. Bleached White
Parts: 1
Carbon or NCR: n/a
Ink: pms 342
Perforation: Bottom of tag to be perforated so stub can be removed
Wiring: 6" cotton string with Brown reinforced eyelet
Stringing Elastic Cotton 6" cotton string with brown reinforce eyelet
Looped Knotted knotted
Metal Eyelets no - paper
Numbering none
Copy Provided disk, negative or hardcopy
Proof Requested no
Packaging n/a
Delivery Contact n/a
Print Project Title: Chem. Tags option1
Contact City: Rutherfordton
Quantity: 100m
Size Dimension: 3.5 x 5 Die Cut
Stock and Color: 65lb. Wausau Astrobright Cover, lift off lemon
Parts: one
Carbon or NCR: no
Ink: 3pms over 1pms, 3/1
Patches holes w/sun slits hole size is 1 1/4
Perforation: full horizintal Perforation:
Wiring: no
Stringing Elastic Cotton no
Looped Knotted no
Metal Eyelets no
Numbering no
Die Cut yes, special needed
Bar Codes yes
Copy Provided Mac disk supplied on quark
Proof Requested standard color proof
Packaging standard
Delivery Company above
Print Project Title: Bag Tags
Contact City: Brookings
Contact State: SOUTH DAKOTA
Quantity: 50000
Size Dimension: 2-5/8" x 5 1/4"
Stock and Color: Numbering to be consecutive starting with A-145001. Manila shipping tags with reinforced hole. Printed two sides and numbered. Black Ink:
Parts: see above
Carbon or NCR: see above
Ink: see above
Patches see above
Perforation: see above
Wiring: see above
Stringing Elastic Cotton see above
Looped Knotted see above
Metal Eyelets see above
Numbering see above
Copy Provided yes
Proof Requested 19 samples
Packaging printers choice
Delivery Contact above

Tags: Paper, Manifold, Synthetic & More Projects: Bid #151055

Bid #151055
Date Bid Submitted11/01/2009
Bid Due Date11/05/2009
Project Title:Product Tag
Schedule Requirednow... standard turnaround
Contact NameLura Taggart
Contact CompanyPIE
Contact CountryUnited States
Contact Address14524-F Lee Road
Contact City:Chantilly
Contact State:/ProvVirginia
Contact Postal Code20151
Contact Phone
Contact Fax
Delivery ContactLura Taggart
Delivery CompanyPIE
Delivery CountryUnited States
Delivery Address14524-F Lee Road
Delivery CityChantilly
Delivery State/ProvVirginia
Delivery Postal Code20151
Delivery Phone
Delivery Fax
Software Program(s) UsedQuarkXPress
Graphic Design Needed:No
Proof Requested:Blueline
Tag Use Description:Product Tag
End Use:Both Indoor/Outdoor
Size:#8 Standard - 3-1/8" x 6-1/4"
Tag Stock:13 pt. Manila Cover
Ink:1 color over 0
Do You Need the Following? (check all that apply)None
Punch & Finishing:1/4" Punch & Zinc Metal Eyelet
Attachments (Wiring:, String)2) Looped String
Special Die-Cut Shape? (If Yes, Define Shape)no
Packaging:Standard Packaging
Additional Comments(none)