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Custom Index Tabs and Tab Dividers: Index tab dividers are one of the many tools that facilitate efficient organization. They offer you a simple way to bring order to binders, presentations, and office filing systems. And if you need to configure files in a particular way then custom tab dividers or custom index tabs can make this a relatively simple task. To begin the process of getting your index tab dividers printed, simply fill out the form with index tab dividers specifications, and through our network of qualified, reliable printers, you’ll get your printing job done as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Index Tabs, Tab Dividers -- Samples of Past Printing Jobs

*NOTE: actual bid sheet houses more information than is listed here. It includes full contact information for the print buyer, plus detailed tab specs. (Click to view a completed Custom Tabs Bid Request Form).
Project Title: Federal
Contact City, State: TOWSON, MARYLAND
Quantity: 300, 1300, 1500
Bank Of Tabs: five
Size: 6 wide plus tab extension and 9 high
Non Tabbed Leafs: n/a
Tabbed Leafs: five 1/2 extensions
Stock: 110# index
Tab Ink Area: 100% full bleed both sides
Body Ink Area: 100% full bleed both sides
Mylar Laminated Tab: clear mylar reinforcement on 9 edge and on the 1/2 extensions
Mylar Laminated Color: clear
Collating: yes
Copy Provided: yes - camera ready art will be provided
Proof Requested: yes
Delivery City: same as above
Project Title: medical records folder
Contact City, State: PATERSON, NEW JERSEY
Quantity: 10,000
Bank Of Tabs: NA
Size: 9.5x12.25
Non Tabbed Leafs: 0
Tabbed Leafs: 2
Tab Ink Area: 2 X 1/4
Body Ink Area: 9 X 7.5
Mylar Laminated Tab: NA
Mylar Laminated Color: NA
Collating: NA
Copy Provided: DISK
Proof Requested: Blueline
Delivery City: same as above
Project Title: Reserve 3-ring-binder
Contact City, State: PARK CITY, UTAH
Quantity: 1,500 & add'l 100's
Bank Of Tabs: bank-of-5-tabs
Size: for text ... 8 1\2 x 11
Non Tabbed Leafs: none
Tabbed Leafs: 5
Stock: Standard
Tab Ink Area: only on tab area, Black or 1 pms
Body Ink Area: none
Mylar Laminated Tab: Laminated tab area
Mylar Laminated Color: white or maybe colored / price difference
Collating: yes
Copy Provided: Camera Ready vs. disk
Proof Requested: Complete Proofs
Delivery City: same as above
Project Title: Ring Binder Indexes
Contact City, State: SHERWOOD, ARKANSAS
Quantity: 1000 of each number
Bank Of Tabs: blank
Size: letter size 8 1/2 x 11
Non Tabbed Leafs: n/a
Tabbed Leafs: 1/3 cut
Stock: 20% recycled content;minimlum 20% post-consumer waste - punched
Tab Ink Area: n/a
Body Ink Area: n/a
Mylar Laminated Tab: no
Mylar Laminated Color: no
Collating: no
Copy Provided: no
Proof Requested: yes
Delivery City: same as above
Print Project Title Manual
Contact City Dallas
Contact State TEXAS
Quantity 1000
Bank Of Tabs 11 tabs per set (1-4,5-8,9-11)
Size Finished 8.5 x 11 1/2 " tab
None Tabbed Leafs 24# bond-text uncoated
Tabbed Leafs 1,23,45,57,90,108,123,149,160,198,225
Stock 80# bond uncoated text
Tab Ink Area 1/0 black
Body Ink Area 1/1
Mylar Laminated Tab no
Mylar Laminated Color no
Drill 3-hole
Bindery collate, 11-tabs & 224 pages
Collating yes
Copy Provided PDF Power Point w/ hard copy.
Proof Requested lazer proof
Packaging Shrink wrap each & box in 25 counts
Delivery Contact same
Print Project Title GGI Organizer Body
Contact City Temecula
Contact State CALIFORNIA
Quantity 1000/2500/5000
Bank Of Tabs 12
Size Finished 5.5x8.5"
None Tabbed Leafs 50 leafs; 80lb text stock
Tabbed Leafs 12
Stock coated Text Stock, light Green
Tab Ink Area 1
Body Ink Area 1
Mylar Laminated Tab yes
Mylar Laminated Color clear
Drill drill-6 [3+3]
Bindery none
Collating collate
Copy Provided Pagemaker
Proof Requested blueline
Packaging individual shrinkwrap
Delivery Contact same as above
Print Project Title presentations
Contact City Maineville
Contact State OHIO
Quantity 2500 - 5000 - 7500
Bank Of Tabs 3 - 1/3rd cut
Size Finished 9 x 11 1/2
None Tabbed Leafs na
Tabbed Leafs 3
Stock 10pt or 12pt C2S, can be uncoated since it is being laminated. Which ever is less expensive for you.
Tab Ink Area full ink coverage 2 sides with bleeds
Body Ink Area 4-color 2-sides all bleed
Mylar Laminated Tab Matte laminated 2sides
Mylar Laminated Color na
Bleeds yes 4 sides both sides
Bindery NO
Collating NO
Copy Provided Digital
Proof Requested yes - your best option
Packaging bulk
Delivery Company Need estimated freight to Batesville IN 47006
Print Project Title Index Tabs ... HIPAA
Contact City Brookline
Quantity 400; 1,000 + add'l 500's
Bank Of Tabs bank of 8 tabs
Size Finished for an 8 1/2 x 11 terxt binder
None Tabbed Leafs none
Tabbed Leafs bank of 8
Stock 110lb. index
Tab Ink Area tab area only ... prints one side, black, 1/0
Body Ink Area no
Mylar Laminated Tab yes
Mylar Laminated Color clear
Drill drill-3
Bindery bank of 8 tabs, drill-3 ...
Collating yes
Copy Provided ibm, disk,
Proof Requested yes
Packaging bulk in standard cartons
Delivery Contact above
Print Project Title MSRP-C3 Tabs
Contact City Pueblo
Contact State COLORADO
Quantity 500, 1000, 1500
Bank Of Tabs Set 1: 1/3 cut; total of 6 tabs Set 2: 1/5 cut; total of 17 tabs Set 3: 1/3 cut; total of 1 tab
Size Finished 8.5 x 11 in.
None Tabbed Leafs none
Tabbed Leafs 24 total
Stock uncoated white cardstock
Tab Ink Area black
Body Ink Area none
Mylar Laminated Tab Yes
Mylar Laminated Color Set 1: clear Set 2: yellow Set 3: red
Drill drill-3
Bindery n/a
Collating Sets 1, 2, and 3 collated into a package consisting of 24 tabs
Copy Provided camera-ready copy provided in PDF
Proof Requested blueline
Packaging Sets 1, 2, and 3 shrinkwrapped into a package consisting of 24 tabs; bulk in standard cartons
Delivery Contact to be determined
Print Project Title Index Tabs
Contact City Fort Collins
Contact State COLORADO
Quantity 500 or 1000 sets
Bank Of Tabs 1/7th cut
Size Finished 8 1/2x11/12
None Tabbed Leafs none
Tabbed Leafs none
Stock 110 Lb Index
Tab Ink Area Black Tab only
Body Ink Area none
Mylar Laminated Tab Colored
Mylar Laminated Color none
Drill 2 Hole
Bindery none
Collating Yes
Copy Provided camera ready
Proof Requested no
Packaging standard carton
Delivery Contact same as above

Index Tabs Projects: Bid #151052

Bid #151052
Date Bid Submitted10/31/2009
Bid Due Date11/05/2009
Project TitleCustom Tabs
Schedule Requiredjob ready now... estimate turnaround
Contact NameLura Taggart
Contact CompanyPIE
Contact CountryUnited States
Contact Address14524-F Lee Road
Contact CityChantilly
Contact State/ProvVirginia
Contact Postal Code20151
Contact Phone
Contact Fax
Delivery ContactLura Taggart
Delivery CompanyPIE
Delivery CountryUnited States
Delivery Address14524-F Lee Road
Delivery CityChantilly
Delivery State/ProvVirginia
Delivery Postal Code20151
Delivery Phone
Delivery Fax
Software Program(s) UsedQuarkXPress
Graphic Design Needed:No
Proof Requested:Color Proof
Number of Sets:100
Number of Tabs per Set:6
Number of Banks (Rows)1
Total Pieces (Total # of Tabs)600
Sheet Size (first number is Binding Edge):11 x 8.5
Tab Extension (1/2 inch is standard):1/2 inch
Paper Color, Stock, Weight:110 lb. White Index (Uncoated)
Hole Punches:3-Hole Punch/Reinforcement
Tab Text Ink:4-color process over 0
Kind of Tab:Rip-Proof Mylar
Tab Mylar Color:a) Clear
Specify # of Non-Tabbed Leafs (if applicable)none
Body Ink Area:No Tab Body Printing
Collating Tabs:Straight Collated
Packaging (choose all that apply)Bulk in Cartons, Slip Sheet between Tabs Sets & Multiple Shrinkwrap
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