Print Buyers Online - Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many printing quotes can I expect to receive?

    Between 5 to 15 bids, depending on the job.
  • Can I get a list of your members (printing companies)?

    No, we do not publish this list. The best way to reach these printing companies is to submit a Quote Request online.
  • How many printing companies do you have as members?

    We do not publish this information, but can tell you we have companies that cover 47 of the United States and several in Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.
  • What if I don’t know all the terminology asked for?

    Fill out the quote request to the best of your ability and when you’re not sure, say "please advise," or use our Glossary we publish on the site, or email us a question.
  • Once I submit a quote request, just how is the Printing Industry Exchange (PIE) system involved after that?

    The PIE system is constantly monitoring RFQ’s activities and could re-position a submitted RFQ into a different category, so as to get the best activity from PIE’s membership . . . thus, providing you more cost estimates. You (the print buyer) will receive values direct from the PIE members (printing companies). The commerce between a print buyer and a printing company is only between those two parties. The PIE system has no involvement beyond submittal.
  • In filling out the "Fast-Tag" form or a Bid Request Form, is the information provided used in "list" commerce?

    No. We consider personal information private and will not provide to any third party. We do not provide and/or sell lists of our buyers or members in any way. A buyer, on occasion, may receive an email from PIE providing updated information concerning our system only. See our Privacy Policy.
  • When is the bid I submit into the PIE system removed, so that no one has access to it anymore?

    All bids are removed (4) four days after the "Bid Due Date."
  • What if I made a mistake when entering my bid and need to change something?

    Our webmaster at the Printing Industry Exchange can make any changes . . . email us at info@printindustry.com. Make sure you give us the name of the print category, date submitted, your name, organization, and telephone number.
  • How many days should I give the printing companies to give me my quotes (Bid Due Date on forms)?

    In order to get the best possible response, it is good to give them at least 4 working days ... more if you can. If 4 days is not possible than indicate the due date you need and also indicate that time is critical in the "Additional Comments" box at the bottom of each quote form.