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Build an Unparalleled Audience Thorough Magazine

Whether you wish to reach your target audience on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly quarterly, or yearly basis, an unmatched way to do so is through magazines. After all, no other medium gives you the unmatched opportunity to do so. Magazines offer the perfect way to share your passion for a chosen field elegantly and compellingly!

However, certain aspects need your attention when it comes to magazine printing, including -

Type of Bind

Most magazines come in the form of Perfect Bind owing to the generally higher number of pages and ease of handling and reading. However, if your magazine comprises of the lower number of pages or if you are constrained by your budget, Saddle Stitch Bind (folded and stapled pages) can work perfectly fine as well.

Type of Paper

If your magazine is all about fashion, beauty, food, and anything luxuriant, Gloss Paper should be your first choice, as the inherently lustrous coating will help match the look and feel of your content. If on the other hand, your magazine is meant for educational purposes and heavily relies on text, it is best to opt for Uncoated Paper.

Type of Cover

If your magazine needs to compete for attention on a magazine stand, or if it will be delivered to high net worth individuals, it is best adding a cover finish like a liquid UV coating ( maintaining a flexible magazine feel ) or a Film Lamination ( a plastic sheet coating yielding a rigid cover effect ). Both cover coating provides a lense effect & does alter ink colors pleasing to any eye. If not, you can choose between Glossy or Matte, Hard or Soft Cover based on your personal preferences and marketing goals. If seeking additional eye cover attention and moving beyond a gloss coated cover stock, adding a UV liquid coating or a film lamination sheet on any coated cover stock will deliver more eye interest on this cover stock.

Now that you know all about the intricacies of magazine printing, we are sure you will find it much easier to pick the best magazine printing companies!

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