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Nothing is more frustrating than searching in vain for the cheapest book binding and printing services without sacrificing quality for affordability.

That’s why we have scoured the globe to find book binding services to match your specific needs. Our experts will tailor your book printing and binding services to match your individual needs. With years of experience we are your one stop book binding company. For a book printing quote, click here. Commercial book printers provide you quotes directly and it is a free service to you!

There are many choices in book binding options, here are a few:

  • Comb Binding: to bind by inserting the teeth of a flexible plastic comb through holes punched along the edge of a stack of paper. Also called plastic bind and GBC bind (a brand name).
  • Case Binding: to bind using glue to hold signatures (printed sheet folded at least once, possibly many times) to a case made of binder board covered with fabric, plastic or leather. Also called cloth bind, edition bind, hard bind and hard cover. Examples include coffee table books, high school yearbooks, leather or cloth bound books.
  • Double Loop Wire: to bind using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through holes. Similar to Spiral binding but double wire ... Also called coil bind.
  • Lay Flat Bind: method of perfect binding that allows a publication to lie fully open. (Also known as Lay Flat Perfect Binding.)
  • Perfect Binding: to bind sheets that have been ground at the spine and are held to the cover by glue. Also called adhesive bind, cut-back bind, glue bind, paper bind, patent bind, perfecting bind, soft bind and soft cover. Standard paperback books use this type of binding. You always have a spine with both perfect binding and case bound books.
  • Post Bind: to bind using a screw and post inserted through a hole in a pile of loose sheets.
  • Round Back Bind: To casebind with a rounded (convex) spine, as compared to flat back bind.
  • Saddle Stitch: to bind by stapling sheets together where they fold at the spine, as compared to side stitch. Looks like two staples in the middle of the publication. Also called pamphlet stitch, saddle wire and stitch bind.
  • Side Stitch: to bind by stapling through sheets along, one edge, as compared to saddle stitch. Also called cleat stitch and side wire.
  • Spiral Bind: to bind using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through holes. Also called coil bind.
  • Thermal Binding: to bind loose printed pages with a strip of tape or plastic strips fused with heat is known as thermal binding. Thermal binding allows documents to lay flat when opened, is sturdy, and neat. Also called: velo binding (plastic strips), tape binding Fastback (brand name of tape binding).

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