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Custom Made Boxes, Paperboard Packaging:  Samples of Box and Paperboard Packaging Printing Requests

Box printing companies quote your next printing job! This is a free printing quotes service. Whether you need custom made boxes for custom display boxes, custom printed shipping boxes, or software box printing, we put you in touch with box printing companies who compete with your business with the lowest prices. Custom Made Box printing companies locally and worldwide! The cheapest prices on custom printed shipping boxes, paperboard packaging, and other custom boxes are right at your fingertips! When submitted, your bid request is available to our members (box printers who subscribe to this service). The custom box printers best qualified for your job will provide you quotes.

Input your Custom Box, Point-of-Purchase Display, or Paperboard Packaging Bid Request and get printing quotes via email for your print job. Free service to you!

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Paper Board Packaging, Custom Boxes, Point of Purchase Displays
-- Samples of Past Printing Jobs

*NOTE: actual bid sheet houses more information than is listed here. It includes full contact information for the print buyer, plus detailed custom box or paperboard packaging specs. (Click to view a completed Box, Paperboard Packaging Bid Request Form).
Project Title: Color Stand-Up Easels with Pop-out brochure holder
Quantity: 2,000+
Size Width Length Height: 11 x 17
Parts In Quantity: N/A
Stock Board Material: Please advise
Cover Paper Stock: N/A
Ink: Please advise
Perforations: Please advise
Die Cut or Drill: Please advise
End Use: Retail Counter Display
Bindery: N/A
Riser: N/A
Copy Provided: Yes
Proof Requested: Yes
Delivery City, State: New Orleans, Louisiana
Project Title: SAT 2412
Quantity: 20M, 35M, 50M, 75M
Size Width Length Height: 8 X 2 X 10
Parts In Quantity: ONE
Stock Board Material: 0.18
Cover Paper Stock: NA
Ink: 4CP
Perforations: NO
Die Cut or Drill: DIE CUT
Riser: NO
Proof Requested: BLUELINE
Delivery City, State: ESSEX JCT., VERMONT
Project Title: SAT 2419
Contact City, State: ESSEX JCT., VERMONT
Quantity: 1m, 5m, 10m
Size Width Length Height: 7 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 9 1/2
Parts In Quantity: 1
Stock Board Material: 10 pt C1S
Cover Paper Stock: na
Ink: 4cp / 0
Perforations: no
Die Cut or Drill: no
End Use: software pkg. slip cover
Bindery: score / fold / glue
Riser: no
Copy Provided: na
Proof Requested: blueline
Delivery City, State: Essex Jct., VT
Project Title: Looking for a source for pre constructed paper pop displays
Quantity: 1000 pop's to start
Size Width Length Height: about the size of a paper pop for candy bars
Parts In Quantity: x
Stock Board Material: x
Cover Paper Stock: x
Ink: x
Perforations: x
Die Cut or Drill: x
End Use: x
Bindery: x
Riser: x
Copy Provided: Yes
Proof Requested: x
Delivery City, State: x, x
Project Title: Action, to contain 4 Case Bound Books ...
Contact City, State: NEW YORK, NEW YORK
Quantity: 10,000, 25,000 & 50,000
Size Width Length Height: w=2inches, h=5 7\8 inches, l= 4 inches (approx.)
Parts In Quantity: one,to contain 4 case bound books ...
Stock Board Material: suggestions, appropriate to contained cotents ... snug & good fit ...
appropriate ...
Cover Paper Stock: White Pearl Flat Matte Finish, plastic texture ok ...
Ink: 1 pms, Gold, 1\
Perforations: none ...
Die Cut or Drill: none ..
End Use: none ..
Bindery: as above ...
Riser: none ...
Copy Provided: Camear Ready Copy
Proof Requested: Blues ..
Delivery City, State: address later
Project Title: BSI Puzzle Mailers
Quantity: 2000
Size Width Length Height: 6.5 x 5.75
Parts In Quantity: 4 Pieces
Stock Board Material: 55 pt. Corrugated
Cover Paper Stock: Gloss Enamel
Ink: 4/1
Perforations: NO
Die Cut or Drill: Die Cut Rounded Corners & Into 4 Pieces
End Use: 4 Separate mailings
Bindery: NO
Riser: NO
Copy Provided: Films or MAC-Quark
Proof Requested: Matchprint if films not furnished
Delivery City, State: Milwaukee, WI
Project Title: backer cards
Contact City, State: DRAPER, UTAH
Quantity: 30K 40K 50K 60K
Size Width Length Height: 17 X 22.25
Parts In Quantity: 1
Stock Board Material: 18 PT, & 20 PT
Cover Paper Stock: 18 pt & 20 pt
Ink: 4 color
Perforations: 1
Bindery: no
Riser: no
Copy Provided: FILM PROVIDED
Proof Requested: BLUELINE
Delivery City, State: DRAPER, UT
Project Title: header card job
Contact City, State: ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA
Quantity: 7000
Size Width Length Height: 8 x 13 1/4
Parts In Quantity: 1
Stock Board Material: 10pt coated chipboard / clay coating to accept 4-color process. End-use
as standard retail hangtag board, w/mounted product in a plastic bag. Card stapled to bag.
Cover Paper Stock: n/a
Ink: 4-color process, full bleed
Perforations: n/a
Die Cut or Drill: butterfly-hole punch / for retail store pegboard display hook.
End Use: header card (board mounting) for polybag packaging retail display product. Card
will staple onto the polybag, then hang in a retail store.
Bindery: Fold to 3.8 x 13.25 / w/butterfly-hole punch through both sides/ square end cut
Riser: no
Copy Provided: MAC Adobe Photoshop, no preference on dpi / Quark Express
Proof Requested: color proof & blueline
Delivery City, State: above
Project Title: D/D+ box
Contact City, State: OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS
Quantity: 10,000
Size Width Length Height: 2 x 3-1/4 x 5-1/4
Parts In Quantity: one piece flip top box
Stock Board Material: 12pt c1s
Cover Paper Stock: n/a
Ink: blank -- no printing
Perforations: n/a
Die Cut or Drill: diecut box
End Use: dispence foil pouches
Bindery: fold and glue boxes
Riser: n/a
Copy Provided: n/a
Proof Requested: die tracing and hand cut sample
Delivery City, State: above
Project Title: Growth charts
Quantity: 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000
Size Width Length Height: 12 x 60
Parts In Quantity: 1
Stock Board Material: white 100# gloss text
Cover Paper Stock: n/a
Ink: 4cp, one side, full bleed
Perforations: n/a
Die Cut or Drill: n/a
End Use: goes on wall
Bindery: accordion folded to 12 x 12
Riser: n/a
Copy Provided: disk-mac, quark
Proof Requested: film/matchprint or sim
Delivery City, State: lafayette, la
Project Title: MOM
Quantity: 3000
Size Width Length Height: 4 inch x 7 inch
Parts In Quantity: N/A
Stock Board Material: 110lb or comparable for box quality
Cover Paper Stock: bid based on available stock with sample to follow -- comparable stock:
Springhill coated blanks
Ink: standard for use
Perforations: N/A
Die Cut or Drill: yes
End Use: audio book box
Bindery: scoring, folding, adhesive
Riser: .5 inch
Copy Provided: ibm disk postscripted EPS
Proof Requested: color proof
Delivery City, State: San Carlos, CA
Project Title: CD Case
Quantity: 1000
Size Width Length Height: width=1/16
Parts In Quantity: one piece
Stock Board Material: na
Cover Paper Stock: 111 lb. cover, Zanders Ikono Dull Satin Creme
Ink: cmyk
Perforations: na
Die Cut or Drill: one die - half moon to get cd out easily
End Use: na
Bindery: two flaps glued
Riser: na
Copy Provided: negatives and press match
Proof Requested: color proof
Delivery City, State: Berkeley, CA
Project Title: Special cardboard box mailers
Contact City, State: NEW YORK, NEW YORK
Quantity: 1,000
Size Width Length Height: 9 1/2 x 12 3/4 x 2
Parts In Quantity: plain rigid box, one piece set up
Stock Board Material: corrugated 1/16 single flute. off white exterior
Cover Paper Stock: none
Ink: none
Perforations: n/a
Die Cut or Drill: n/a
End Use: mailing catalogues
Bindery: score/diecut, two side 9 1/2 panels folded and tucked into four slits at bottom of
box. Top panel with 2 flap insert into 12 1/2 side panel with semi circle die cut. Flap with
two round corners.
Riser: n/a
Copy Provided: none
Proof Requested: sample box for approval
Delivery City, State: New York City, New York
Project Title: Packaging blister cards
Contact City, State: SYCAMORE, ILLINOIS
Quantity: 5m, 10m, 15m
Size Width Length Height: 3 7/8 x 14 1/2 and 2 7/8 x 14 1/2
Parts In Quantity: same as above
Stock Board Material: 22 pt. sbs
Cover Paper Stock: n/a
Ink: rub & fade resistant
Perforations: n/a
Die Cut or Drill: corner round & hang hole
End Use: product presentation
Bindery: n/a
Riser: n/a
Copy Provided: negs - rred
Proof Requested: blue line
Delivery City, State: same
Project Title: physician & pharmacist coupon riser card
Quantity: 32,000
Size Width Length Height: Display:6x6 - Coupon: 5x 2-3/4
Parts In Quantity: Display-32,000; Coupon-1,600,000
Stock Board Material: 15pt. C1S Blanks (OK TO ADVISE)
Cover Paper Stock: COUPONS: 60# TEXT (ok to advise)
Ink: Display card - 3 PMS - Full bleed one side onl; Coupon: 4c/p non-bleed / black
Perforations: none
Die Cut or Drill: none
End Use: point of purchase display w/50 sheet coupon pad attached
Bindery: assemble easelback onto display & also apply peel-off glue strip to back top of
display. Coupon pad - 50 sheets per pad
Riser: yes - see above described as display card
Copy Provided: mac Quark/Illustrator file and 4x5 trans parency (see above
Proof Requested: blueprint for each; colorkey for riser; m/p for coupon
Delivery City, State: Pompton Lakes, NJ
Project Title: corrugated postcards
Quantity: 2000
Size Width Length Height: 5 x 7 x 1/8
Parts In Quantity: 1
Stock Board Material: printed 4color process on 2 sheets laminated onto corrugated cardboard
Cover Paper Stock: 80# text matt
Ink: 4-color process or 2 color
Perforations: no
Die Cut or Drill: cut to size, round corners if possible
End Use: mail
Bindery: trim to size
Riser: no
Copy Provided: in QuarkXpress file, mac
Proof Requested: blueline and matchprint
Delivery City, State: Berkeley, CA
Print Project Title: Header Board
Contact City: Belleville
Contact State: NEW JERSEY
Quantity: 240,000
Size (width, length, height): 9" x 3" scores to 9 x 1.5 but does not fold
Parts (in quantity) 1
Stock (board material): 8 or 10 pt. gloss white on one side - matt white on other side
Cover Paper Stock: n/a
Ink: 3 pms + black / 0 with bleeds
Perforations: none
Die Cut or Drill: n/a
Embossing/Debossing N/A
Foil: n/a
End Use: group together a bunch of plastic bags. will go inside socred area and be stapled to header board
Bindery: n/a
Riser: n/a
Collating: n/a
Artwork Provided: disk provided
Proof Requested: color proof
Packaging: bulk in cartons
Delivery Contact: same as above
Print Project Title: sm paper tubes
Contact City: Fenton, MO 63026
Contact State: MISSOURI
Quantity: 6 - 8 million per month
Size (width, length, height): 1 3/8 tall & 5/16 round closed on one end
Parts (in quantity) 80 million per year
Stock (board material): 50# offset
Cover Paper Stock: 50# offset
Ink: one color
Perforations: one small score
Die Cut or Drill: no
Embossing/Debossing NONE
Foil: none
End Use: goes over glass tube
Bindery: no
Riser: no
Collating: no
Artwork Provided: on disc
Proof Requested: blueline
Packaging: standard
Delivery Contact:same
Print Project Title: VHS Box Sleeve w/ Window & Labels
Contact City: Houston
Contact State: TEXAS
Contact Zip Code: 77006
Contact Country: United States
Quantity: 2500, 5000, 10000
Size (width, length, height): 9.625" x 10" full bleeds
Parts (in quantity) 3
Stock (board material): no
Cover Paper Stock: 12 pt. C1S for video box self-adhesive, permanent white uncoated for face & spine labels
Ink: 4/0 , 4-color process 100% coverage - full bleeds
Coating: gloss varnish or aqueous (only on box)
Perforations: no
Die Cut or Drill: die may be need, if a standard die is not available
Embossing/Debossing no
Foil: no
End Use: VHS video package
Bindery: glue and fold flat to ship
Riser: no
Collating: no
Artwork Provided: Mac, Illustrator eps file
Proof Requested: rainbow
Packaging: bulk in standard cartons
Delivery same
Print Project Title Point of Purchase Display Retail Box
Contact City Westfield
Contact State NEW JERSEY
Quantity 500 / 1000 / 7500
Size Width Length Height need your advice ... have a 8.5 x 11 book + a 3 CD Jewel Case Set to house in this box... want the CD set so it stays put in the box.
Parts In Quantity book + CD set to house in box
Stock Board Material white chipboard... looking for simple, conventional box
Cover Paper Stock please quote printing directly onto box vs. printing a glossy label and sticking on box
Ink 4-color process
Die Cut or Drill na
Embossing Debossing na
Foil na
End Use retail box to sell our software
Riser please advise if we need
Collating na
Copy Provided can provide in several formats... please advise... have Adobe Illustrator, Quark, PDF
Proof Requested actual box if possible
Packaging quote shipping flat boxes to us to put together ... then as addl cost quote fulfillment services: putting Book & CD set in box, shrinkwrapping each unit, placing in cartons and shipping to address above.
Delivery Contact same as above
Print Project Title Dice Game Box
Contact City Lake Geneva
Contact State WISCONSIN
Quantity 1M, 2M, 5M
Size Width Length Height 9 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 1 3/4 inches
Parts In Quantity Set-up box
Stock Board Material .040 screening
Cover Paper Stock 160M Litho
Ink 4 color process on box lid and box bottom
Four Color Proc Pix Color images for both top and bottom
Die Cut or Drill None
Embossing Debossing None
Foil None
End Use Consumer packaging
Riser None
Collating None
Copy Provided PC disk, InDesign
Proof Requested Matchprint or equivalent
Packaging cartoned and skid packed
Delivery Contact same as above
Print Project Title Custom Nutrition
Contact City Goleta
Contact State CALIFORNIA
Quantity 2500-20000
Size Width Length Height 5 3/4 x 3 /14 x 7 /14
Parts In Quantity 1
Stock Board Material SBS C1s .018
Cover Paper Stock same
Ink four color process plus varnish
Perforations RET dispenser box
Die Cut or Drill die cut provided
Embossing Debossing no
Foil no
End Use dispenser box
Copy Provided yes
Proof Requested will provide
Packaging na
Delivery Contact same as above

Paper Board Packaging, Custom Boxes, Point of Purchase Displays Projects: Bid #151053

Bid #151053
Date Bid Submitted10/31/2009
Bid Due Date11/05/2009
Project TitleCustom Box
Schedule Requiredneed standard turnaround?
Contact NameLura Taggart
Contact CompanyPIE
Contact CountryUnited States
Contact Address14524-F Lee Road
Contact CityChantilly
Contact State/ProvVirginia
Contact Postal Code20151
Contact Phone703-431-9249
Contact Fax
Delivery ContactLura Taggart
Delivery CompanyPIE
Delivery CountryUnited States
Delivery Address14524-F Lee Road
Delivery CityChantilly
Delivery State/ProvVirginia
Delivery Postal Code20151
Delivery Phone703-431-9249
Delivery Fax
Software Program(s) UsedPhotoshop
Graphic Design Needed:No
Proof Requested:Color Proof
Product Type:Box - Gift / Rigid Box with Insert
End Use (brief product description - optional):Clothing Gift Box
Size (Width x Length x Height):16 x 16 x 4
Stock:14 pt. Coated Cover
Number of Parts:2 Part Box (Box + Lid)
Ink:4-color process over 0
Packaging:Standard Packaging
Additional Comments
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