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Hardcover Children's Casebound Books:  Samples of Book Printing Bid Requests

Find a Book Printer Today: What are you looking for when you need children’s book printing or color book printing and binding? You’re looking for an up-to-date prepress as well as printing and binding technology that will produce your project quickly and accurately. You also want a children’s book printing or color book printing company that can meet a demanding schedule to deliver your books on time. Printing Industry exchange makes your search a snap.

Simply submit your casebound, hardcover or children's book, or color book printing and binding bid request and a veritable cornucopia of national and global companies of the highest quality will submit a proposal for your project. Print Industry Exchange – your introduction to volumes of choice.

Input your Hard Cover Bid Request and get printing quotes via email for your print job. Free service to you!

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Hard Cover Books -- Samples of Past Printing Jobs

*NOTE: actual bid sheet houses more information than is listed here. It includes full contact information for the print buyer, plus detailed hard cover book specs. (Click to view a completed Hardcover Book Bid Request Form).
Project Title: Huntington #1854
Quantity: 10,000; 15,000 & 20,000
Size: 9 X 10
Boards: .098 Binders
Text Stock: 80# White Acid Free Matte
Cover Ink: 5/c- (4/c process plus 1 pms ink)
Text Ink: 4/c process throughout
End Sheets: 80# Rainbow
Bindery: Yes
Copy Provided: Disk provided
Proof Requested: N/A
Delivery City, State: same, same
Project Title: Centennial Book
Contact City, State: COLUMBUS, OHIO
Quantity: 3000 and additional 1000's
Size: 9 3/4
Boards: .098 pasted board
Text Stock: 80# L.O.E. gloss
Cover Ink: n/a
Text Ink: 232 pgs 2/C, 24 pgs 4/C
End Sheets: printed 1/0 on 70# Multicolor embossed group 1 color
Bindery: tip & gaurd 70# multicolor endsheet to title and last signature, gather 14 - 16 pg &
4 8-pg sigs, sewn on 12 3/4
Copy Provided: yes
Proof Requested: complete blue lines and color proofs
Delivery City, State: Columbus, OH
Project Title: Impressions of a Prophet
Contact City, State: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH
Quantity: 5,000 & 7,500 & 10,000
Size: 11-1/2x10-3/4
Text Stock: 100# #3 Matte Text
Cover Ink: 4/0 Process for Jacket & Foil Stamp & Gloss Film Lamination
Text Ink: 4/4 process
End Sheets: 80# Matching-printed 1/1
Bindery: Burst Hardbound,
Copy Provided: Quark disk
Proof Requested: Yes-complete bluelines & cromalins
Delivery City, State: Salt Lake City, UT
Project Title: Action Books ... note, 4 different books w\same specks ... quoting on 4 books
Contact City, State: NEW YORK, NEW YORK
Quantity: 10,000; 25,000; & 50,000 each of 4 books ...
Size: Actual Text Size = 3 1\2 x 5 1\2 ck: Smooth White Pearl & Matte Finish, Kivar or suggest ... a plastic texture, but smooth & flat in white color
Boards: .80 Boards
Text Stock: 55lb. 'Natural' Offset or close ... ... ...
Cover Ink: 4-Color Process, provided Color Seperations & Color Proof, negatives provided
Text Ink: Black, 1\1
End Sheets: Dark Blue, 80lb.
Bindery: Case, smyth sewn ...
Copy Provided: Camera Ready Copy
Proof Requested: Complete Blues
Delivery City, State: address later ..., address later
Project Title: Mini-book series
Quantity: 5,000 each of 9 titles + add'l 1,000's
Size: 2.25 x 3.25
Boards: Kappa board preferred
Text Stock: 60# Coated Matte
Cover Ink: Process colors
Text Ink: Process colors
End Sheets: Yes - Rainbow or equiv.
Bindery: Casebound
Copy Provided: No
Proof Requested: Signature Bluelines
Delivery City, State: N/A, N/A
Project Title: Master Painters
Contact City, State: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH
Quantity: 10M, 12.5M, 15M
Size: 9x12
Boards: .088 Davey Red Label
Text Stock: 100# Gloss
Cover Ink: 100# Gloss jacket stock
Text Ink: 4/4 process
End Sheets: 80# Rainbow-prints 1/1
Bindery: n/a
Copy Provided: All art provided on disk
Proof Requested: Yes-complete bluelines
Delivery City, State: Salt Lake City, Utah
Project Title: International Information Directory
Quantity: 2,000
Size: 7x9s: 88pt
Text Stock: 50# white offset smooth
Cover Ink: Two PMS and black
Text Ink: black
End Sheets: yes, white
Bindery: casebound
Copy Provided: Quark Express files prepared on a MAC and provided on Zip disk
Proof Requested: text blues and cover cromalin
Delivery City, State: Alexandria, Virginia
Project Title: Case Bound, Father, Son, Three-Mile Run
Quantity: 1,000 & 5,000
Size: 5 1\2 x 8 1\2
Boards: .080
Text Stock: 60lb. White Offset
Cover Ink: none
Text Ink: Black, 1\1
End Sheets: Standard ...
Bindery: Case
Copy Provided: Camera Ready Copy ...
Proof Requested: Complete Cover, Text & dust jacket proofs ...
Delivery City, State: Redding, CA
Project Title: Department Yearbook
Contact City, State: ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA
Quantity: 1,500
Size: 9 x 12rds: UNk
Text Stock: 60# gloss, 1 color interior print (exception: 16 pages 4 color process pages)
Cover Ink: N/A
Text Ink: black
End Sheets: Unk
Bindery: case, textbook quality stitch binding
Copy Provided: Disk IBM PageMaker 6.01 and postscript files
Proof Requested: Yes (blueline & color proofs)
Delivery City, State: Elk Grove, CA
Project Title: Shetland Sheepdog in America
Contact City, State: LOVELAND, COLORADO
Quantity: 1,500 and 2,500
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Boards: standard for case bound book
Text Stock: 70 lb moistrite matte or equivalent matte stock
Cover Ink: black + 1 color + matte film laminate
Text Ink: black
End Sheets: colored, vellum finish, no printing
Bindery: case bind
Copy Provided: Quark files with Photoshop scans in place, scanned for 150 line screen
reproduction. One set of laser proofs.
Proof Requested: blueline of text; matchprint of cover
Delivery City, State: same, same
Project Title: Childrens Books ...
Contact City, State: BETHESDA, MARYLAND
Quantity: 10,000 two books & one at 5,000 (25,000 total book run)
Size: 8 1\2 x 11 ... all 80lb. CIS + Film Lamination ... over .080 Boards...
Boards: .080 Boards ...
Text Stock: 80lb. Matte text ... 4\4
Cover Ink: 4\0 ... process
Text Ink: 4\4 ... process ...
End Sheets: advise ... do not need
Bindery: Case as above ...
Copy Provided: disk ... any questions ... call\fax Scott ... thanks ...
Proof Requested: Complete Blues ... Add'l for Color .... all
Delivery City, State: Washington, District of Columbia
Project Title: Street Shooting
Quantity: 3,000 & Add'l 1,000's ...
Size: 8 1\2 x 11
Cover Stock: Cloth, Roxite B, or same, Color to be determined ...
Boards: 98pt.
Text Stock: 80lb. Gloss Enamel ... advise as to house stock ...
Cover Ink: Foil Stamping as above ...
Text Ink: NOTE: a) 2 signitures = Black, 1\1... b) 3 Signitures = 4-Color Process, 4/4
End Sheets: Standard ...
Bindery: Case Bound ... Add'l for Smyth Sewn ...
Copy Provided: CD-Rom ... advise
Proof Requested: Complete Blues, Cover Proof, & 5 pages of random color proofs ...
Delivery City, State: to come
Project Title: the Baby Boomer's 4-Minuite Bible
Quantity: 2,000, 3,000 & 5,000
Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1\2 Kivar Leatherette with Gold Embossed Title
Boards: Standard for size ...
Text Stock: Options ... a) 55lb. Booktext Natural high bulk ivory/off white ... or b)
Same or comparable up-to Springhill 70lb. ... advise & state stock please
Cover Ink: 2 pms
Text Ink: Black, 1\1, no bleeds ...
End Sheets: Standard, 70lb. Plain Natural
Bindery: Case Adhesive ...
Copy Provided: Camera Ready Copy, & or Disk, MacDraw II, advise at most cost effective
Proof Requested: Complete Blues ... Match Prints on Color ...
Delivery City, State: Gardena , CA
Project Title: Children's B
Quantity: 5,000
Size: 10-1/2 x 8.5 Landscape
Boards: 32 oz board
Text Stock: 80# gloss coated text
Cover Ink: 4 Color + lamination
Text Ink: 4 Color throughout
End Sheets: 1 color on 60#offset
Bindery: case bound
Copy Provided: Output ready disk. 10 seps to be hi res scanned and dropped in
Proof Requested: colro proofs
Delivery City, State: same
Project Title: 1498
Contact City, State: OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA
Quantity: 10M & 20M please quote both
Size: 4.5 wide x 9 high - may be slightly adjusted to fit press or stock
Text Stock: #1 smooth opaque 80# text
Cover Ink: none - possible emboss
Text Ink: black or black + 1PMS
End Sheets: screened pattern - black only
Bindery: case
Copy Provided: on MAC disk from Quark - will need pagination
Proof Requested: blueline for text and color for dust jacket
Delivery City, State: tbd, CA
Project Title: 8 titles ready at same time
Quantity: 2m- 2.5m-3m ea of 8
Size: 7.25x9.25
Cover Stock: 80# c1s gloss paper
Boards: 80pt board
Text Stock: 70# matt
Cover Ink: 4 color process
Text Ink: 1/1 black
End Sheets: 80# white offset
Bindery: side or smyth bind
Copy Provided: disk provided
Proof Requested: blueline
Delivery City, State: same as above
Project Title: Stern Jargon
Contact City, State: PLYMOUTH, VERMONT
Quantity: 1,500; 3,000; 5,000
Size: 9 X 12 inches
Boards: 88 pt board
Text Stock: 100# Gloss (High Quality-Suggest); 100# matching endsheet
Cover Ink: Jacket - 4-color with bleeds
Text Ink: 4-color
End Sheets: 100# matching
Bindery: case bind
Copy Provided: entire book on CD-ROM in IBM PageMaker 6.5 with all photos in place; 175 lpi
Proof Requested: Bluelines & 40 Matchprints of selected pages
Delivery City, State: Newton, MA
Project Title: Full-Color Photo Yearbook
Contact City, State: JULIAETTA, IDAHO
Quantity: 1000, 2500, 5000
Size: 9 in. x 12 in. (binds on 12 in. side)
Boards: -
Text Stock: 80# Luna Gloss
Cover Ink: Dust jacket 4/0
Text Ink: Text 4/0
End Sheets: Matching endsheets, 65# cover, printed 1/0 (1 PMS color)
Bindery: -
Copy Provided: PC files: Text--PageMaker 6.5. Dust jacket, endsheet, die--Postscript. PDFs
and laser proofs.
Proof Requested: full set, color
Delivery City, State: IN 
Project Title: Latinos in Baseball-5 books- to be printed together
Contact City, State: ELKTON, MARYLAND
Quantity: 1,000; 1500 each book
Size: 7 1/2 X 9 1/2
Boards: .090 min. binder board
Text Stock: 60# opaque, brightness of 90 or better, 300-400ppi; house stock only; no special order paper
Cover Ink: four-color printing sides 1 and 4
Text Ink: Black only
End Sheets: plain white
Bindery: library bound w/reinforced binding
Copy Provided: disk w/MAC Pagemaker application; all text in place; ready for output to film
at min 2450 dpi
Proof Requested: complete bluelines
Delivery City, State: Elkton, MD
Project Title: African Life
Contact City, State: PLYMOUTH, VERMONT
Quantity: 5000 (1/2 casebound & 1/2 Perfect softcover)
Size: 9 X 11 inches horizontal or close size
Boards: 88 Point
Text Stock: 100 # enamel
Cover Ink: black + PMS
Text Ink: black + PMS
End Sheets: 100# matching
Bindery: case on half & perfect on half
Copy Provided: on disk
Proof Requested: blues & 5 selected matchprints
Delivery City, State: White Plains, NY
Project Title: Cruising Weather Handbook
Quantity: 1000, 3500, and 5000
Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 Roxite C grade cloth
Boards: 88pt binder boards
Text Stock: 50# joy white offset, 520 ppi, OR SOMETHING A LITTLE BULKIER
Cover Ink: gold foil
Text Ink: black
End Sheets: 80 lb
Bindery: 88pt binder boards
Copy Provided: electronic files, FrameMaker 5.5 for Mac, we can provide software if
Proof Requested: cover proof AND text blues
Delivery City, State: Ypsilanti, MI
Project Title: Defensive Seamanship
Quantity: 1000, 3500, and 5000
Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4
Boards: 88pt binder boards
Text Stock: 50# joy white offset, 520 ppi, OR SOMETHING A LITTLE BULKIER
Cover Ink: gold foil
Text Ink: black ink
End Sheets: 80 lb
Bindery: 88pt binder boards
Copy Provided: electronic files (FrameMaker 5.5 for Mac, OR PDF files)
Proof Requested: cover proof AND text blues
Delivery City, State: Ypsilanti, MI
Project Title: Roadmap to Riches
Quantity: 5000
Size: 6 x 9
Boards: 88 pt or .080
Text Stock: 60# vellum
Cover Ink: 4 color process one side (4/0) bleeds + film lamination
Text Ink: black, no bleeds
End Sheets: 80# white
Bindery: adhesive case, plain endsheets
Copy Provided: trouble free disk (MAC, Pagemaker 6.0), final film and matchprint for dust
Proof Requested: blueline
Delivery City, State: Mukilteo, WA
Project Title: Freddie Q. Freckle
Quantity: 5000
Size: 9 x 6: Paper, film lamination
Boards: 75# high-bulk
Text Stock: Price on 28# c/2s gloss and 60# c/2s gloss
Cover Ink: 4-color process
Text Ink: 4-color process
End Sheets: Blank
Bindery: Trim, collate, bind
Copy Provided: On ZIP discs, IBM, PageMaker 5.0, 300 dpi
Proof Requested: Blues and matchprints
Delivery City, State: Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Project Title: 1880 Atlas
Quantity: 1500 or 2000 or 2500
Size: 10 wide x 13 high
Boards: standard
Text Stock: 70 pound natural antique or antique off-white
Cover Ink: N/A
Text Ink: black or dark sepia, please price out both
End Sheets: same as text paper
Bindery: NA
Copy Provided: book on discs in PageMaker 6.5 for IBM
Proof Requested: blue lines
Delivery City, State: Yarmouth Port, MA
Project Title: Magic of Ceramics
Contact City, State: WESTERVILLE, OHIO
Quantity: 1000/ 1500/2000
Size: 8.5 X 11ds: standard
Text Stock: 80# no.2
Cover Ink: 4/c
Text Ink: B & W with 100 of 200 pages 4/C
End Sheets: yes
Bindery: perfect
Copy Provided: Mac 300 - 400 ppi
Proof Requested: bluelines on text/ chromes on color
Delivery City, State: Westerville, OH
Project Title: Specialist Manuals
Quantity: 2,500 5,000 10,000
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Boards: .088 thick
Text Stock: 60# Thor or equivalent white
Cover Ink: 4/0 (process) ...60% coverage
Text Ink: 2/2 (black + 1 PMS) ...60% coverage
End Sheets: no
Bindery: no
Copy Provided: Disk supplied Mac quark files
Proof Requested: Text= blueline 4/C cover Match print or similar
Delivery City, State: San Diego , Ca
Project Title: Handbook
Contact City, State: RESTON, VIRGINIA
Quantity: 1500+ add'l 100's
Size: page trim 8.5 x 11er Stock: litho case, 80# cover
Boards: binder boards standard
Text Stock: 50# offsett opaque
Cover Ink: 4c
Text Ink: k
End Sheets: yes
Bindery: smyth sewn
Copy Provided: text from CRA boards (all line work)
Proof Requested: blueline for text, Digital proof for cover1+4
Delivery City, State: same as above

Books: Hard-Cover Books, Casebound Books (quantity 500+) Projects:
Bid #151000

Bid #151000
Date Bid Submitted10/25/2009
Bid Due Date10/29/2009
Project TitleHard Cover Test
Schedule Requiredturnaround time?
Contact NameLura Taggart
Contact CompanyJT&A, inc.
Contact CountryUnited States
Contact Address14524-F Lee Road
Contact State/ProvVirginia
Contact Postal Code20151
Contact Phone703-631-8810
Contact Fax703-631-6558
Delivery ContactLura Taggart
Delivery CompanyJT&A, inc.
Delivery CountryUnited States
Delivery Address14524-F Lee Road
Delivery CityCHANTILLY
Delivery State/ProvVirginia
Delivery Postal Code20151
Delivery Phone703-631-8810
Delivery Fax703-631-6558
Software Program(s) UsedInDesign, Photoshop
Graphic Design Needed:No
ProofsComplete Color Proofs
Finished Size:6 x 9 Finished Size
Text Page Count:84 pgs
End Sheets:Color Text Stock
Dust Jacket Needed:100 lb coated white text + Aqueous coating
Cover Stock:Genuine Leather
Text Paper Stock:c) 60 lb. Matte Text, Coated
Cover Ink:4-color process (CMYK)
Cover Foil Stamping:2 Color Foil (Front & Spine)
Dust Jacket Ink:4-color process (CMYK)
Text Ink:4-color process (CMYK)
Text BleedsYes
Dust Jacket Embossing/Debossing:Yes
1-Color Photo (halftone)Yes
4-Color Process Photos or Graphics in TEXTNo
Head Foot Bands:No
Bindery:Smyth Sewn
Cover Boards:Heavy Gauge
Spine (Rounded or Square Back):Square Back
Gilding Text Edges:Yes
Packaging (check all that apply):Bulk in Cartons
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