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The newsletter is written by Steve Waxman, a printing consultant. He teaches corporations how to save money buying printing, brokers printing services, and teaches prepress techniques. Steven has been in the printing industry for thirty-three years working as a writer, editor, print buyer, photographer, graphic designer, art director, and production manager.

Current Newsletter

APRIL 2018, Issue 201

>Choosing a Printer for New Color Swatch Books


Past Newsletters

Issue 1, August 2001
>Economical Use of Color
>Photos for Reproduction
Issue 2, September 2001
>Sending Jobs to Press
>Two Quick Ways to Save Money Specifying Paper
Issue 3, October 2001
>Specifications for Printing Quotations
>Avoiding Jagged Edge Quark Picture Boxes
Issue 4, November 2001
>Avoiding Fuzzy Four-Color Type
>Printing on Envelopes
Issue 5, December 2001
>Reviewing a Blueline Proof
>Proofing Options Beyond Bluelines
Issue 6, January 2002
>Process Vs. Spot Color
>Web Vs. Sheetfed Printers
Issue 7, February 2002
>Specifying Paper for Printing
Issue 8, March 2002
> Taking Delivery of a Print Job
> When to Request Prices from Printers
Issue 9, April 2002
> What You Should Know About Ink
> What You Should Know About Delivery Costs
Issue 10, May 2002
> Why Won't Your Printer Accept MS Publisher or MS Word Files?
> When Should You Consider Digital Printing?
Issue 11, June 2002
> How to Choose a Print Provider
> When to Replace Your Print Buying Tools
Issue 12, July 2002
> Does Your Print Provider Subcontract Out Work?
> Specifying Bleeds
Issue 13, August 2002
> Two New Directions in Color Proofing
> Varnish as a Design Element
Issue 14, September 2002
> What You Should Know About Inks
> How Big Should Your Envelope Be?
Issue 15, October 2002
> Proofing Halftone Patterns
> Folding
Issue 16, November 2002
> What to Look for On a Press
> Defining Spot Colors in Page Layout Programs
Issue 17, December 2002
> What Impacts Have Computers Had on Printing?
> Using More Than One Black Ink
Issue 18, January 2003
> What Options are There for Coating a Job?
Issue 19, February 2003
> How To Produce Even, Heavy-Coverage Solids
> Avoiding Cracking When Printing Heavy-Coverage Solids
> Avoiding Ghosting When Printing Heavy-Coverage Solids
Issue 20, March 2003
> Unsampling Photos: Don't Do It
> Real vs. Fake Duotones
Issue 21, April 2003
>The Effect of Paper Color on Ink Color
> Underprinting
Issue 22, May 2003
> Transparency Scanners
> Enlarging Scans - REVISITED
Issue 23, June 2003
> Photo CD
> Rights Managed Vs. Royalty Free Images
Issue 24, July 2003
> Binding Options
Issue 25, August 2003
>Tint Backgrounds Vs. Colored Paper Stock
>Xerographic Printing Paper Considerations
>Designing for Easy (Cheaper) Bulk Mailing
Issue 26, September 2003
>Specifying Ring Binders
>Web Growth
Issue 27, October 2003
>Specifying Divider Tabs
>Copyright Information
>Automation Compatible Bulk Mail
Issue 28, November 2003
>Choose Your Paper Wisely & Save Money
>Keep the Post Office in the Design Loop
>Postage Rates
Issue 29, December 2003
>Pre-Flighting Your Print Files
>Spot UV Coating
>Need a Gloss Ink?
January 2004, Issue 30
>Simplifying Your Art Files
>Split Fountains
February 2004, Issue 31
>What is Shingling?
>Watch for Flopped Photos
MARCH 2004, Issue 32
>Specifying Gloss vs. Dull Stock
>Paper for Both Photos and Text
>What is Cast-coated Stock?
>What are Specialty Papers?
APRIL 2004, Issue 33
>Color Shifts in Neutrals
>PMS Color Doesn't Match the Swatch
MAY 2004, Issue 34
>Specifying Envelopes
JUNE 2004, Issue 35
Organize Computer Files/Hardcopy for Printers
>Color Separated Laser Proofs
>Collect for Output Report
>Clear Off Your Quark PasteBoard
>Rich Black Ink
JULY 2004, Issue 36
>Requirements for Embossing
>Color Corrections on Press
>UV Cracks with Saddlestitch
AUGUST 2004, Issue 37
>What You Should Know About Ink Drying Time
>Converting Images to CMYK
>FM Screening
SEPTEMBER 2004, Issue 38
>Don't Skip on Overs
>Discounts for Long-term Printing Contracts
OCTOBER 2004, Issue 39
>Effect of Paper on Ink Drying Time (REVISITED)
>Final Responsibility for Printable Job Files
>Paper Price Increase
NOVEMBER 2004, Issue 40
>Paper Sizes -- When is 80# Not 80#?
>A Brief Paper Glossary
DECEMBER 2004, Issue 41
>What is Paper Coating Made Of?
>What is the Difference Between Whiteness and Brightness of Paper?
>What are Bleeds and Why Do Bleeds Cost More?
>Halftone Dot Shapes
JANUARY 2005, Issue 42
>Business Card Reply Stock
>What is Thermography?
FEBRUARY 2005, Issue 43
>Press Proofs
>Overs and Unders
>What is Merlin?
MARCH 2005, Issue 44
>Fix the Problem of Four-Color Blacks
>InDesign vs. Quark: A Printer's Perspective
APRIL 2005, Issue 45
>Sheetwise Vs. Work-and-Turn and
>Barn Doors VS. Gatefolds
MAY 2005, Issue 46
>Random Thoughts on Proofing
>Accordion vs. Wrap Folds
JUNE 2005, Issue 47
>Paper and the Environment: Part 1
>Bleed Tabs
JULY 2005, Issue 48
>Paper and the Environment: Part 2
>Tabs vs. Fugitive Glue
>Envelope Specifications
AUGUST 2005, Issue 49
>Overage / Underage
>Folding Tolerances
>Export File Formats for Process Color in Pagemaker
SEPTEMBER 2005, Issue 50
>Heavy Coverage and Bleeds
>PMS vs. Black Ink
>Tinted Varnish
>The Skinny on Press Deadlines
OCTOBER 2005, Issue 51
>Press Proofs
>Self-Cover vs. Plus Cover
NOVEMBER 2005, Issue 52
>Inkjet Inks and Paper
>What is a Free Sheet?
DECEMBER 2005, Issue 53
>When to Use a Spot Color
>Multiple Printing Estimates: Interpreting & Choosing Appropriate Print Vendor
JANUARY 2006, Issue 54
>Upsampling Photographs and Line Art
FEBRUARY 2006, Issue 55
>A Few Thoughts on Delivery
>Paper Finishes
MARCH 2006, Issue 56
>Who Pays for Shipping?
>More on Photos
>Descreening (Screens of Halftone Screens)
APRIL 2006, Issue 57
>What is Flexography?
>What is Screen Printing?
MAY 2006, Issue 58
>Printing Colored Inks on Colored Stocks
JUNE 2006, Issue 59
>Nothing Remains the Same, Including Your Printer
>Relationship with Your Printer
>Printer Communication Styles
>Printing Outside the USA
JULY 2006, Issue 60
>Spice Up Your Publications
AUGUST 2006, Issue 61
>What is Newsprint?
>Lay-Flat Binding
>What is an AA?
SEPTEMBER 2006, Issue 62
>What is a Perfecting Press?
>What is the Difference Between a Form and a Signature?
>What is Foil Stamping?
OCTOBER 2006, Issue 63
>What is a "Making Order"?
>Self-Cover Vs. Plus Cover
>Egyptian Vs. Gothic Typefaces
NOVEMBER 2006, Issue 64
>A Web Press is Not Always Perfecting
>Saddle-Stitch vs. Perfect Binding
>Lay-Flat Laminate
>A Fine Point of Style
DECEMBER 2006, Issue 65
>Soy Ink in Food Packaging
>Printer's Samples: What Should You Look For?
JANUARY 2007, Issue 66
>What is Lenticular Printing?
>What is the Difference Between Brightness and Whiteness?
>What is Synthetic Paper?
FEBRUARY 2007, Issue 67
>Magazine Cover Wraps
MARCH 2007, Issue 68
>Vector Drawings and Flatness
>Can't Find the Right Colored Paper Stock?
APRIL 2007, Issue 69
>Using Wax-Free Inks Under Book-Cover Lamin ates
>Laminates Vs. UV Coatings for Book Covers
>Picking a PMS Color for Type
MAY 2007, Issue 70
>Hybrid Screening
>Magnetic Inks
JUNE 2007, Issue 71
>Digital Printing Options
JULY 2007, Issue 72
>Printing with Fluorescent Inks
>Ouch: Don't Be Surprised by Your Printing Bill
>Check the Color Across the Entire Press Sheet
AUGUST 2007, Issue 73
>Heatset Vs. Non-Heatset Web Presses
>What is Flying Paster?
SEPTEMBER 2007, Issue 74
>Printing on Colored Paper
OCTOBER 2007, Issue 75
>Waterless Offset, A.K.A. Dryography
NOVEMBER 2007, Issue 76
>How Does Spiral Binding Differ from Wire-O Binding?
>What Should You Remember About Coil Bindings?
>What is a Hickey?
DECEMBER 2007, Issue 77
>What Is Runnability?
>What Does Machineable Mean?
>What is the Difference Between Embossing, Debossing, and Blind Embossing?
>What is Scoring?
JANUARY 2008 , Issue 78
>Coated or Uncoated Paper Stock?
>Coatings Applied to a Printed Sheet
FEBRUARY 2008 , Issue 79
>Preparing Files for the Printer
MARCH 2008 , Issue 80
>Pocket Folder Production
APRIL 2008 , Issue 81
>Designing for Digital Printing
MAY 2008 , Issue 82
>Designing for Digital Printing - Part 2
June 2008 , Issue 83
>Which Cover Coating is the Most Environmentally Friendly?
>What is FSC Certification?
>What is SFI Certification
>What Do FSC- and SFI-Certification Matter to You?
July 2008 , Issue 84
>The Proper Press for the Job
August 2008 , Issue 85
>Flaps on Perfect-Bound Book Covers
>Embossing and Blind Embossing
September 2008 , Issue 86
>Go with Your Instincts
October 2008 , Issue 87
>What Should You Do When You’re The Print Buyer and You Get A New Boss?
NOVEMBER 2008 , Issue 88
>Paper Color Changes Ink Color
>What is Metamerism?
>What is Runnability?
DECEMBER 2008 , Issue 89
>How Will the Paper Behave on Press?
>Paper Finish
>Another Way to Save Paper
>Avoid Paying for Varnish
>Get Better Paper for Less Money
JANUARY 2009 , Issue 90
>What Should You Know About Metallic Ink?
FEBRUARY 2009 , Issue 91
>Printing on Corrugated Board
>Vehicle Wraps
MARCH 2009, Issue 92
>Flat vs. Finished Size
>CMYK: What's the "K"?
>What's the Difference Between BLOW-IN and BIND-IN Card?
>What is Remoistenable Glue?
APRIL 2009, Issue 93
>Thoughts on Varnish and Other On-Press and Off-Press Coatings
>What is a Hinge Card?
>Avoid Screens of Red
MAY 2009 , Issue 94
>Categories of Printers
JUNE 2009, Issue 95
>Crisis — An Ugly Color Shift on a Magazine Cover
JULY 2009, Issue 96
>Perodical (Second Class) vs. Standard Rate Postage
>What is a Loupe?
AUGUST 2009, Issue 97
>Matching Color
>Where Do You Insert a Bind-in Card?
SEPTEMBER 2009, Issue 98
> Why is Black Ink Necessary for CMYK Printing?
> Ink Replacement Trick
> Surrounding Colors
> Neutral Grey Paper
> Trim Tolerances in Digital Printing
OCTOBER 2009, Issue 99
>What is Converting?
NOVEMBER 2009, Issue 100
> Blanket-to-Blanket Press
> Kiss-Cut
>Butt-Cut Labels
> Head, Foot, and Fact of a Sheet
DECEMBER 2009, Issue 101
> In-Design vs. Photoshop
> Descreening vs. Copydot Halftones
JANUARY 2010, Issue 102
>Flatbed Inkjet Printers
>Web-Fed Inkjet Printers
FEBRUARY 2010, Issue 103
>Image Personalization
MARCH 2010, Issue 104
APRIL 2010, Issue 105
>Worldwide Increase in Display Graphics
>Royalty-Free vs Rights Managed Photos
MAY 2010, Issue 106
> Close Loop Color
> QR (Quick Response) Codes
> Expert Font Sets
> Lab Color
JUNE 2010, Issue 107
> Roll Sheeter
> Offsetting vs. Set-Off
JULY 2010, Issue 108
>A Trip to the Movies: "Standee Displays"
AUGUST 2010, Issue 109
>A Non-Approval Proof
>A F&G's: The Last Chance Before Binding
>A Backing Up a Sheet
SEPTEMBER 2010, Issue 110
>Types of Glue Used in Printing
>Envelope Specs: Open Side Vs. Open End
OCTOBER 2010, Issue 111
>Nesting Graphics
>Widows and Orphans
>"Cold-Set" Vs. "Non-Heatset" Web Presses
NOVEMBER 2010, Issue 112
>Broken Carton of Paper
>Discretionary Hyphen
>Kerning vs. Tracking
DECEMBER 2010, Issue 113
>When to Convert an Image from RGB to CMYK
>Double Gatefold vs. Double Parallel Fold
JANUARY 2011, Issue 114
>Recto / Verso
>Piggy-Back Labels
>Don't Coat Paper You Plan to Write On
FEBRUARY 2011, Issue 115
>Static Clings
>The 8-Foot Beach Ball
MARCH 2011, Issue 116
>Curling Cover Stock
>Print Brokers
APRIL 2011, Issue 117
>Using FPO's in Your Color Workflow with Printers
>Determining the Spine Width for a Book
>Asking Your Printer to Stitch Together the Cover and Spine or Doing It Yourself
MAY 2011, Issue 118
>Painting the Sheet
>A Postscript on What Makes Static Clings Stick to Glass
JUNE 2011, Issue 119
>Exotic Paper Options
>One-of-a-Kind Wedding Invitation
JULY 2011, Issue 120
>Three Case Binding Options
>F&G'S: OOPS (Catching an Error Just in Time)
AUGUST 2011, Issue 121
>PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: CD Replication, Bags, T-shirts, Caps, Hats, Pens, Mugs
SEPTEMBER 2011, Issue 122
>Opaque White Ink
>Calendered vs. Super Calendered Paper
OCTOBER 2011, Issue 123
>Printing Your Job Outside Your Immediate Locality
>Faux Textures
NOVEMBER 2011, Issue 124
>Folding Your Design Piece
>Everything You Print is an Ad for Your Company
DECEMBER 2011, Issue 125
>Case Study on the Benefits of InDesign Style Sheets
JANUARY 2012, Issue 126
>Type Terms in the Printing & Graphic Design Industry
FEBRUARY 2012, Issue 127
>Deckled Edge Vs. Rough-Front (Faux-Deckled Edge)
>What is Groundwood Paper?
>What is Acid-Free Paper?
>What is Fluorescent Paper?
>Is All Printing Paper Trimmed Square?
>Banding or Strapping?
MARCH 2012, Issue 127
>What is “Transpromo” Material?
>What is Dimensional Stability?
>What is Picking?
>What is Wax Pick?
>What are Pinholes?
APRIL 2012, Issue 129
>Paste Binding
>When Is A Pdf Proof Enough?
>Fifth Color on Press
MAY 2012, Issue 130
>Computer-To-Plate Technology Increases
Platemaking Speed and Quality
>Ultraviolet (UV) Inks Widen Printing Substrate Options
JUNE 2012, Issue 131
>Type Terminology
JULY 2012, Issue 132
>Printing on Aluminum
>A Printing Trick with White or Silver Ink
AUGUST 2012, Issue 133
>Press Imposition
>Paper-folding Imposition Sample
SEPTEMBER 2012, Issue 134
>White Printing Inks
>Offset Lithographic White Ink
>Digital White Inks
OCTOBER 2012, Issue 135
>Inkjet Printing Inks
NOVEMBER 2012, Issue 136
>Printing Case Study: An Unusual Package
DECEMBER 2012, Issue 137
>Case Study: A Self-Published Family History Book
JANUARY 2013, Issue 138
>Adjusting the Color of Paper
>Can You Smyth Sew a Paperbound Book?
>Oblong vs. Standard Page Format
FEBRUARY 2013, Issue 139
>Case-bound Book Printing Terms
MARCH 2013, Issue 140
>The Proof Cycle for a Print Book (A Case Study)
>"Old School" Proofs
APRIL 2013, Issue 141
>Custom Printing: What is Industrial Printing?
MAY 2013, Issue 142
>Bulk Mailing Software
>One Writer’s Opinion About 3-D Printing
JUNE 2013, Issue 143
>Printing Errors: Identifying Responsibility
JULY 2013, Issue 144
>Printing on a Sheet Cake or Cookies
>Organic Food-Grade Inks
AUGUST 2013, Issue 145
> Protect Your Print-Job Delivery
> Sign for the Delivery to Protect Your Investment
> A Benefit of Adobe’s Creative Cloud: A Plethora of Fonts
SEPTEMBER 2013, Issue 146
> Direct Mail and Catalogs: Why Catalog Order Forms are Still Vital
> Printing Pizzas for Astronauts
OCTOBER 2013, Issue 147
> A Good Use of Embossing Techniques
> Paper Trimming Tolerance
> Image Resolution and Viewing Distance
NOVEMBER 2013, Issue 148
> Fulfillment House Workflow
> What is "FOB"?
DECEMBER 2013, Issue 149
>What is Hand Work?
>Printing on Plastics
>Two Kinds of Cardboard
JANUARY 2014, Issue 150
>Printed Samples: What You Need to Look For
>Identifying Digital Vs Offset Samples
FEBRUARY 2014, Issue 151
>Things to Consider When Overprinting Black Ink
>Inserting Facsimiles of Pages within Layout Files
>Tagging Text in Directories and Other Annual Publications
MARCH 2014, Issue 152
>Case Binding Case Study (Plus Some New Terms)
>More Case Binding Terms
>What is Edition Binding?
APRIL 2014, Issue 153
>Items to Check When Submitting Design Files to Printers
>What is Side Stitching?
>A Few Large Format Printing Options
MAY 2014, Issue 154
>Folded and Gathered Book Signatures: One Final Check
JUNE 2014, Issue 155
>Nine Typography Rules and Thoughts to Ponder
JULY 2014, Issue 156
>Why is the Trimmer Operator Spread Eagled Over the Equipment?
>What Happens to Unsold Print Books?
>Sample Book: A Few Elements of Quality Printing
AUGUST 2014, Issue 157
>What Are Table Throws and Table Runners?
>More Convention Materials
SEPTEMBER 2014, Issue 158
>What is Foil Stamping?
>Web Vs. Sheetfed
OCTOBER 2014, Issue 159
>Printing Coroplast Signage
>Avoid Communicating Paper Weights and Coatings by Telephone
NOVEMBER 2014, Issue 160
>Package Printing Options
>Two More Labeling Options
>One More Sample (Probably Screen Printing)
DECEMBER 2014, Issue 161
>Postcard Printing: Deconstructing a Postcard
JANUARY 2015, Issue 162
>Hard-Copy Proofs Vs. Virtual Proofs
>Specialty Inks
FEBRUARY 2015, Issue 163
>Creating Reusable Promotional Items to Promote Brand Awareness
MARCH 2015, Issue 164
>Printing on Ceramic Tiles
APRIL 2015, Issue 165
>Deconstructing Two Issues of a Home Remodeling Magazine
MAY 2015, Issue 166
>"Raster" vs. "Vector" Art
JUNE 2015, Issue 167
>When to Design a Huge Standee
>Looking for Problems on a Press Check
>When to Do a Press Check
JULY 2015, Issue 168
>Domed Decals
>Cropping Photos for Maximum Impact
>Alignment of Type an a Logo
>If You Cancel a Job
AUGUST 2015, Issue 169
>Achieving Balance in Graphic Design
SEPTEMBER 2015, Issue 170
>Printing in the Fine Arts / the Fine Art of Printing
OCTOBER 2015, Issue 171
>Always Have a Back-Up Printer in Mind
>Preparing Color Files for Digital Printing
NOVEMBER 2015, Issue 172
>What is "Kiss Cutting"?
>What are Piggyback Labels?
>Color is Based on Light
DECEMBER 2015, Issue 173
>How are T-Shirts Printed?
JANUARY 2016, Issue 174
>A Unique Holiday Card
>Remember the Bleeds on Your Jobs
FEBRUARY 2016, Issue 175
>New Drying Process for UV Inks
MARCH 2016, Issue 176
>Even Good Printers Make Mistakes
APRIL 2016, Issue 177
>Nano-Technology Transforms Printing
MAY 2016, Issue 178
>Thoughts on Two Reprint Jobs
>An Example of Fine Arts Printmaking Plates
JUNE 2016, Issue 179
>Large Format Printing: The Standee's Missing Piece
JULY 2016, Issue 180
>Thoughts on the KBA/Xerox Digital Press
>Decor Printing Via Digital Technology
AUGUST 2016, Issue 181
>Unique Format Print Books
>Growth in Corrugated Board Printing
SEPTEMBER 2016, Issue 182
>Screen Printing Case Study: Opulent Ink Coverage for T-Shirt Design
OCTOBER 2016, Issue 183
>Primer on Fabric Inks
NOVEMBER 2016, Issue 184
>3-D Printing of a New Set of Knees
DECEMBER 2016, Issue 185
>Printing in the Emergency Room
>Fixed Inksets
JANUARY 2017, Issue 186
>Lay-Flat Binding Options
>Gang Up Your Products
FEBRUARY 2017, Issue 187
>Building a Corporate Identity
MARCH 2017, Issue 188
>Always Ask for a Proof—Even for a Reprint
>A Standee Made with Clear Sheet Plastic, Ink on Paper, and LED Lights
APRIL 2017, Issue 189
>Levels of Quality of Printing
MAY 2017, Issue 190
>UV Coating Digital Print Jobs
>Thermochromatic Inks
JUNE 2017, Issue 191
>Ideas for Book Design
JULY 2017, Issue 192
>Humor in Food Service Advertising
AUGUST 2017, Issue 193
>A Whole Passel of Options for Promotional Marketing
SEPTEMBER 2017, Issue 194
>Why It’s Smart to Ask for F&Gs
>Now, the Cover
>Additional Printed Pages for Another Client’s Color Swatch Book
OCTOBER 2017, Issue 195
>Cold and Hot Foil Stamping
>What is Dry Offset?
NOVEMBER 2017, Issue 196
>Learning How to Buy New Kinds of Printing for the First Time
DECEMBER 2017, Issue 197
>The Effect of Paper Weights on Pricing
>Things to Consider when Printing a Thick Book
JANUARY 2018, Issue 198
>A Design Option for Labels with "Too Much Information"
>Labels that Make it Look Like You Printed on the Bottle
>Novel Labeling for a Danskin Product
FEBRUARY 2018, Issue 199
>How to Raise Your Design Work to the Next Level
MARCH 2018, Issue 200
>Printing 4-Color Ink on Tinted Paper
APRIL 2018, Issue 201
>Choosing a Printer for New Color Swatch Books